Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One Little Indian Boy

Colin had "brown day" at school last week, so I decided to make him an Indian headdress.  The thought of an all brown ensemble just wasn't cutting it, so momma had to get creative.  He proudly wore it around the house the entire weekend and to pre-school on Tuesday.  I found it shoved in his bag when he returned home, so who knows when it came off.  He was initially concerned about the prospect of one of his friends breaking it.  He is a worrier.  I can't imagine where he gets that from!

By the way, I never did find out exactly what "brown day" consisted of.  I guess it was their way of being politically correct.  Can we not even say Indians anymore?  Really?

Chief Sitting Bull
According to his teacher, Colin is thankful for cars and toys.  Maybe I'll make the cut next year!


  1. omg i can't believe how much he's grown up. i remember when if first started reading the blog, he was so little and you were still pregnant. i know he's thankful for you :)

  2. How cute! Funny about brown day...I've found that when the kids sit down for story time, it's no longer called "Indian style" like when I was in school. It's "criss-cross applesauce." :)

  3. Brody was thankful for his bike. Funny thing is...he refuses to ride it! He got a big boy bike last Christmas, and will still only ride his big wheel. Funny boy! Like you, I'm hoping I make the "thankful" cut next year.

  4. Pierce had a "brown" day at school too but it was just the day he was supposed to wear brown. Unfortunately the teacher did NOT send home the calendar for November so we don't know what day it officially was so I had to dress him in brown on a few days!

  5. Shows how dumb I am...I didn't even realize the Indian connection. I assumed they were learning their colors & they were just having a "brown" day. Duh.

  6. Thankful for cars & toys, huh? Tough break for Mom! :) Your little guy is just too cute!