Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Letter

Dear Old Man Winter:

I'm going to need you to go ahead and pack your bags and be on your merry way.  Two snow storms and an ice storm is enough for one season.  If you go now, we can part ways amicably and I'll allow you to return next year - as in next December, not January 2011 (don't try to pull one over on me). 

Thank you for your time,


  1. I'm with you...this is late January/February weather. We shouldn't be having this now. And, right before the kids start Christmas break!

  2. GEEEZ...seriously!?! That's crazy. Sorry to rub it in but we just had a sunny day in the 50's here in Okie land. Supposed to get super cold tomorrow and this weekend with possible snow, so maybe it's moving away from you and headed this direction! :) Try and stay warm! :)

  3. Dear Danielle, I really really heart your letter. Not only do I agree with it, it makes me laugh. Did I ever tell you my plan about wintering in FL and summering in NC? Yes - I'm 30 going on 75. It's cool. We can still be friends. : ) Amanda

  4. I agree! I'm just glad there's actually some sun out today, it at least makes me feel better, even if it doesn't make it any warmer.

    Also, regarding your comment on my last post...we are friends, just friends who haven't met! And you have an open invitation any time, as it means we could finally meet AND I'd get to try some of your yummy food!! :)

  5. Wow... Sounds like you all have gotten pummeled!! I'm hoping that the bf and I will dodge all this snow driving home for the holidays!!! Thanks for your advice on the long distance thing, BTW. Hope y'all have a WARM weekend!

  6. Boo Danielle! The people in Southern Kentucky are already missing the snow. But luckily we missed out on the ice the other day! Hope y'all don't get anymore bad weather!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. hahah don't send winter away just yet--I'm looking forward to a white christmas.