Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Recap

Santa's elves got a break this year at our house.  We didn't have a single toy to assemble.  With such requests as a kite, a boat, an airplane, and Toy Story 3, there's not much assembly required.  I was a little sad Wes didn't get to don his handyman hat (that is hilarious for anyone who knows him because a handyman he is not) because he enjoyed it so much last year.  It was like a rite of passage to becoming a father.  Instead, I was in bed by 10 and he was soon to follow (with our hoot owl, we try to get our sleep whenever we can!).  

The next morning, Colin was up by 7.  Surprisingly, he didn't ask to hurry downstairs - further proof he really didn't get the whole Santa concept.  Instead, he went about his normal routine of watching cartoons and barking his breakfast orders to me.  It wasn't long before Wes must have planted the seed because Colin was ready to go down to see what Santa had brought him.  I was feeding Sawyer, so I missed the initial excitement.  Wes was in charge of the camera and we had left the "good" camera at my mom's the night before.  Therefore, these pictures aren't the greatest of quality but in a case like this, it's more about preserving the memories.

Here's our Christmas in pictures (and a few words since I have diarrhea of the mouth).  These first 2 are actually from Christmas Eve when he got to open 2 gifts.  One was from my friend and the other was our new tradition of pjs.

Christmas morning.
The first present from Santa, the kite.

 FOOD!  No surprise, this was one of the favorite gifts.

 And to complete the outfit, all chefs need a hat.

Our elf, Poof Guy, had to get in on the giving too.  He left a gift for Colin and one for the family - Super Why computer game for Colin and CandyLand for the family.  Wes took on the role all by himself, completely unprompted.  What a guy!
This is an adorable mohawk-style hat Wes' family gave Colin but Colin hated it.  He refused to wear it and would say, "I told you I don't like it" every time we asked him if he wanted to wear it.  It was later exchanged for some corduroy pants that he liked much better.

Sawyer got one too, a little different though.  His thoughts were similar to Colin's but his was TOO darn cute to return!  He has since accepted it.

Some family shots.
Colin hugging Granny.

Helping Buff open her present.

Grandpa reading "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."  His eyebrows are starting to look sort of grinch-ish!

Poor Sawyer is going to have a life of hand-me-downs.  I think he had 2 gifts under the tree but like he knew the difference.  I'm frugal, remember?  He did get 3 of the same toy from 3 different people.  I guess the glow worm was a popular gift this year!

 Just look at my precious baby!

I've saved the best for last.  This could be the only picture I'll ever have of the boys willingly holding hands.  Wes said we'll look back on this picture in 20 years and wonder what happened to our little boys.  And on that tear-jerker note, I'll conclude our Christmas 2010 slideshow.


  1. Looks like you had an amazing Christmas! Love their little PJ's!

  2. LOVE the pjs!! Where did you get them from? We had the same owl hat for Lauren until I realized she owns um, at least 5 hats for this winter (in NORTH CAROLINA) and I need to return it - SO cute. Does Colin play computer games and if so, does he like them? I don't know when I should start them for Pierce. Pierce and Lauren have both had Glowys (Glow seahorses) & back-ups for forever now but we're in a battery situation so I've got to get them back up & running - they both love them.

  3. love the pics. those pjs are awesome! we do a pj tradition also....our gifts were minimal for ella. PK kept asking "is there anything else we got her?" with her bday being the week before christmas and grandparents who spoil her there is no deprivation....i'm rambling sorry....

  4. this is so adorable. i'm glad you had a good christmas!!

  5. We were actually thinking we did pretty good this Christmas. My family mostly got small-ish gifts for Sam, and Shawn and I managed to do okay. Then....we went to see Shawn's mom for Christmas. We may need to rent a trailor to haul it back. And so it begins....

  6. Glad you had such a great Christmas celebration!! I'm going to steal your Christmas Eve PJ tradition when we have little ones one day - such a great idea and they're so cute!

  7. Your children are so adorable! I think their pajamas look so cut.

  8. It looks like you really had a very nice and beautiful Holidays! Your children are so adorable!

  9. I adore the matching PJs--so freaking cute and what a great idea. The one of them holding hands is precious.

  10. Thank goodness I have one on the way or this post would have given me major baby / kiddo fever! Colin and Sawyer are adorable!

  11. Love the PJ's and the owl hat. Where did you find the owl hat ?