Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

Another whirlwind Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I hate that there's so much buildup and anticipation for 1 day and then you blink and it's over.  I want that excitement to last for several days but alas, it does not.  Especially for me since I have to work the day after.  Such is the life when you work in the financial world.  So after a quick up-and-back trip to Eastern KY, I'm back, full belly and all, ready to relax again with everyone else after I finish the work day.  Well there may be a little shopping planned for tomorrow, which isn't exactly relaxing, but fun nonetheless!

Little Man #1 and Little Man #2 were troopers in the car.  By the way, can I just tell you how darn cute it is to hear Colin refer to Sawyer as "Little Man?"  Back to the story.  Little Man #2 won the award though.  He was awake for a short bit and then promptly fell asleep and slept the entire trip!  That was extra sweet for me because I had already started to calculate his next feeding and it was to be at exactly the time our dinner was to be served.  No bueno!  So Little Man slept right through his feeding and woke up happy as a clam when we arrived at Wes' house.

Little Man #1 did pretty good for a 3-year old confined to a car seat for 3 hours.  There was talking.  A lot of talking.  And singing followed by a bout of whining, before ultimately falling asleep.  The problem?  He only got to sleep for about 30 minutes.  A 30 minute nap equals a cranky little boy.  A quick snack perked him right up though.

Little Man #2 was a champ with all the strangers.  He went from female to female without batting an eye.  No tears, just happy baby.  I even got to each my lunch baby-free while Wes' step-mom held him.  Score!
Wes' stepmom, Vera, with Sawyer.
Wes' sister, Shaina, enjoying the fact that 2 babies were allowing her to hold them without crying.  The other baby is Amelia, Sawyer's cousin.  She's about reading to pounce on Sawyer and he's eying her nervously.

Little Man #1 was mainly interested in the meat and bread on his plate.  The meat part is totally uncharacteristic of him but I guess turkey and ham top his list of favorite meats.  He did, after all, eat 3 helpings of turkey (and 2 of mashed potatoes and green beans) at his school Thanksgiving the prior day.  He was too busy eying the kids running through the house.  He wanted to run and play with them.  I happily obliged after he ate a few more bites (the other kids' parents didn't seem to care if their kids ate anything or not but then again, they don't have garbage disposals for children!). 

It was an unseasonable 70 degrees and sunny there - what a perfect day to run and play with your cousins that you don't get to see very often?!  He's such a ham these days that he gladly paused to have his picture taken.

Little Man #2 and Daddy stayed for a few extra nights.  I can only imagine the discoveries he made considering he was amazed that "they have a bathtub just like ours, except it's a different color!"  Yes, most people do have bathtubs.  I'm sure I'll continue to hear stories for weeks to come.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones.  I've decided that some day I want to be a part of Thanksgiving celebration that includes non-traditional food items, fine china, fancy attire, and delicious wine.  I'll probably never see that day but I just think it would be fun to do something different one year.  What is (was) your Thanksgiving like?

Next up...Christmas!  Here's to slowing down and actually enjoying the season.  Ha!  I've said that before!


  1. We might be spoiled always getting to enjoy a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving - it totally changes the day! Yay on Sawyer being such a good Little Man and it cracked me up what Colin said about the bathtub!!!

  2. Sorry you had to work the next day! But, it sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving Day! Cute family photo!

  3. We actually did break out the china & crystal for dinner. No fancy attire or fine wine, though. Just tea & fruit water. Here's something you'll appreciate. Half-way through dinner Shawn got up & got a "big glass" because his crystal goblet just didnt' hold enough. Nice! At least he did get a glass & not one of his plastic UK football game cups!

  4. Looks like you guys had a great day!! :) I too was shocked at the temperature. Didn't even wear a coat...and then snow the next day, crazy. Funny story for you...Patrick Singleton asked me how I knew you. I was like...'uh..well..I only sort of do..."
    I was embarrassed to tell him I knew you from blogging, lol

  5. I think we ran the warm air out of Cincinnati and brought the cold and rain to Pittsburgh this past weekend ... luckily there was plenty of delicious food to keep everyone happy otherwise : )

    The boys are getting so big and handsome! I continue to love Sawyer's locks of lucious hair!!