Friday, November 19, 2010

Tall and Skinny

That was the verdict at our 4-month checkup today.  Apparently our little man is growing like a weed, as he's in the 90th percentile for height but only the 40th percentile for weight.  I seem to recall another not-so-small little redheaded boy having similar stats, so I thought I'd check to see.  Here are their stats, side-by-side, at 4 months.

                          Sawyer                                                                   Colin
               Weight: 13lbs 13.8oz                                                     15 lbs 6 oz
               Height:  26 1/4 inches tall                                             26 inches tall
                Head:  42 cms                                                              43 1/2 cms

In other news, he has two teeth on the bottom that are on the verge of popping through.  Of course as we all know, this could take anywhere from 5 days to 5 months (or more).  He has been drooling a lot and chewing on his hands and arms, so maybe it will happen sooner, rather than later.

He is still very happy-go-lucky and smiles at anyone who smiles at him.  What a gentleman.  As long as he's not hungry, he's generally a happy boy.

He's already on the move and he's not even mobile.  He loves to be on the ground so he can flail and squirm until his little heart is content.  His neck strength is amazing and he holds his little head up quite well now.  He looks like a baby bird with his head perked looking for food.  Speaking of which, he gets to start rice cereal and I'm not sure who is more excited.  He's been eying our food for the last couple of weeks, so I feel like he's ready.  So much buildup for a mere 2 teaspoons of food!

Colin still says he loves his brother and shows it most of the time.  As long as he's not yelling "boo" directly in his face or squeezing his appendages as tight as he can, he's very loving.  He desperately wants to feed Sawyer from the table, so we're definitely going to have to keep an eye on that.  He also talks to Sawyer just as Wes and I do.  It's funny to hear an echo of yourself - like a Mini Me!  He even uses the same inflection in his voice - you know the voice most people have when they talk to a baby.  Some of my favorites include:  "Can you give me a grin?"; "Who's a good boy?";  "It's Bubby, Sawyer, it's Bubby."; or "Poor Sawyer."

I guess we should enjoy the one-sided (peaceful) conversation for as long as we can.  Before we know it, the only conversations they have with each other will be in the form of yelling!


  1. I can just see Colin yelling "boo" at Sawyer. Must me a toddler thing. Drew loves to get in Izzy's face while she's asleep and yell, "Izzy waaaaaaaaaaaake!"

  2. Too cute!! AND SO TALL! Lauren was 13 lbs 13 oz and 25.25 inches at that age. I only remember b/c of the same # thing. Enjoy the sweet moments now. I want to forewarn you that once Sawyer is mobile and into Colin's stuff, all bets are off!!

  3. We'll have to compare notes--Jude goes to the doc tomorrow! He's teething, too... and not liking it AT ALL! So glad to hear Sawyer is doing so well.