Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Festivities

Colin has been in "school" just over 2 months, he has about 10 kids in his class, and he's already been invited to 3 parties!  I guess October is a busy birthday month.  Either that or my son is already wildly popular in the 3-year old social circles.  I'm sure that's only a matter of time.  (Well if he can learn to quit hitting and pushing his so-called "friends.")

We opted out of one party because Colin couldn't even tell me the child's name when I showed him the picture on the invitation.  I've since discovered that the child is in fact in his class but he doesn't go the one day that I drop Colin off, so that's why I'd never seen him.

He was invited to a Halloween party and I thought that was a good way for me to see some of his classmates and see how he interacted with them.  Plus I thought it would be fun for him and give me a chance to meet some of the parents.  As a side note, I'm able to watch him at school on the parent cam while I'm at work.  Friday was his Fall Festival and I wanted to see what it involved.  Turns out it wasn't much but parents were welcome to come.  I watched one lady pass out cupcakes and lick her fingers!  I was relieved that Wes and Colin were running late and missed the cupcakes (only temporarily but at least they dodged the finger-licker!).  I joked with Wes that I hoped that wasn't the house we were going to for the Halloween party.  Wouldn't you know it?  It was!  I about died when I walked in the door and wondered if I could just sneak out right then and there.  The party was to include lunch and all I could think about was how many times she licked her fingers while making the food!

The party was actually really fun and she had put a lot of time and effort into it.  Apparently she loves to decorate for various holidays and made me feel totally inadequate.  Everywhere you looked there was something Halloween related.  Surprisingly, it was tastefully done.  She had crafts, games, and prizes for the kids and I think everyone had a great time.  I found myself laying in bed that night thinking ahead to Colin's birthday party (in June) and thinking that I needed to start planning now!

The first activity was decorating plastic buckets so they would have a place to deposit their prize winnings.  Well Colin would have been content just doing that because it involved an endless supply of stickers.  All of the other kids had to have help taking the backing off but not Colin.  He's a seasoned pro when it comes to all things stickers.  He loves nothing more than to take every sticker off a page and stick them all on top of each other or all on a single sheet of paper.  The whole process keeps him quiet for, oh, a whole 2 minutes.  But I digress.  Here are some pictures from the party.

Let the games begin!

And you can't have games without prizes in a treasure chest!

And what prize did my child select?  
A necklace!  Won't Daddy be proud?!

But then he redeemed his treasure-chest-picking-ability and chose these:

The 3-year old chasing began.  They same imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and I guess that means this little girl thinks the world of Colin because she did whatever he did.  Isn't she adorable?  Colin certainly has a way with the ladies.  Lord help me!

I'm off to plan some more for next year's party.  A carnival?  Petting zoo?  Merry-go-round?  Ah, the possibilities!  


  1. I love the idea of a "parent cam!" That would make me feel so at ease when I send little Harp to daycare.

    HAHA "Finger licker" now that is hysterical.

  2. Before Sam was even born, I mentioned a couple of things I wanted to do at his first birthday party. I just got "the look." Unfortunately, my planning skills are lacking at best, so he'll be lucky if he has a birthday cake with his name spelled correctly.

  3. what a cute party! the finger licking would def freak me out too!!

    In regards to CHS vacay... Kiawah is amazing but much farther from town than Folly or IOP. There is a shopping center at the entrance to Kiawah that has a grocery, some shops and restaurants but thats about it. You will be a solid 45 minutes from downtown Charleston. If you choose IOP the "town" area has a lot more and you are just over the bridge from Mt Pleasant and 30 minutes from downtown Charleston. Both are great vacation spots, I guess it just depends on if you want to have easy access to town or are happy to not leave the beach.

  4. We need to talk if you're going to Charleston!!!! Email me (totally spying on previous comments).

    I hear 3 is the age when the parties begin. Pierce is in the 2s and there have been no party invites yet but that's okay. However, I'm still stressing over his birthday! This gave me some ideas though (feel free to email me with any other great ones finger-licker had!)

  5. I love the finger-licker! Bahaha, who can blame her, i bet the icing was irresistibly delicious! What a fun age--they look like they were having so much fun!