Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The costume

No, he didn't wear a white t-shirt to the Halloween party.  He actually did wear a legitimate costume but he took it off about 5 minutes after arriving.  Here's what he actually dressed as:

I've never thought of a hamburger as being cute but he's the cutest hamburger I've ever seen!  This year was the best yet in terms of trick-or-treating.  He was finally at an age where he understood what was going on and really got into it.  He might have started out slow but by the time we rounded the corner of court, he was running from house to house.  He liked the houses that had the bowls of candy just sitting out on the porch the best.  Most houses said to take 2, so he didn't understand that some houses were stingy and only wanted you to have 1 piece.  We have one neighbor who is a little older that gives the same terrible candy, Smarties, every year.  I'm convinced they're working on the same bag they bought 5 years ago because they only give 1 per person and like I said, they gave the same thing last year.  Why even bother?

Aside from the tightwads, he got some cool, non-candy related items, which incidentally happened to be his favorite swag.  One house gave these cool Crayola crayon things that are sort of like colored pencils but with a plastic covering.  Wes was impressed and said those looked like they would be good for our otherwise destructive child.  Not surprisingly, he had the plastic removed within 5 minutes and was seconds away from snapping the colored pencil/crayon in half.  Are all boys this destructive and rough with their toys?

I told him he could choose 1 treat from his loot for his dessert.  I was convinced it would be the Reese cup my friend had given him but no, he chose the animal crackers my mom gave him.  Way to go!  I have taught him a few things.  He chose the item with the least amount of sugar.  I was proud.  That is until I went upstairs and found traces of a Hershey kiss wrapper in Sawyer's room.  I asked him what it was and he tried to say he didn't know.  I told him not to lie and he told me he had opened it.  I asked him what he did with it, knowing good and well what the answer was going to be.  He told me it was in the trash and although I didn't believe him, he showed me which trash can and low and behold, it was in there.  He said he didn't like it.

I think his favorite part of the whole night was handing out candy at our house.  He referred to the fellow trick-or-treaters as "guests" and would announce when these said guests were coming to our door.  When there was a lull, he would ask when more guests would be coming to our house.  He's just proper.  I'm not sure where he gets it.

As Colin so eloquently put it, "It was a good night for Halloween.  It was a good idea to go trick-or-treating."  Couldn't have save it better myself!


  1. The cutest little burger I have ever seen!

  2. oh my, he is so cute danielle! just precious!

  3. You're right, cutest hamburger I've ever seen! It's so funny, when Bailey and I were walking up to one of the houses she told me, "It's a beautiful night for trick-or-treating mommy"...what grown up little kids we have :)

  4. he is adorable! and I love the cute grown-up things he says!! what a shocker that he chose the animal crackers and threw the hershey's away!!! wish I could have started out like that in life =)

  5. He didn't like the Hershey's kiss? Do we need to have an intervention???

  6. So cute! And yes, I think all boys are that destructive with their toys ;)

  7. Cutest burger I have ever seen!!

    IOP is a long skinny island, no matter where you stay you wont be more than 2 or 3 blocks from the beach or the intercostal waterway.

  8. Definitely the cutest little burger! I can't believe he didn't eat the chocolate kiss - wish I didn't like them, haha :)