Friday, September 10, 2010

Shots, shots, and more shots!

Anyone who knows me very well knows that needles and I are not friends.  I realize most people don't like them but my detest goes to a whole other level.  As in I usually pass out.  The real kicker is when I pass out when I'm not even involved.  There's a medical term for my cowardliness but I can't remember it offhand.  I know you're probably wondering how I ever had children and trust me, I worried about that for years before finally biting the bullet.  That's also why my natural delivery wasn't so bad for me because it meant no needles.

So when it comes time for my children to get their immunizations, I'm sure to schedule them on a day when Wes is at home and can go with me.  Earlier this week Sawyer had his 2-month check-up (where does the time go?).  I knew a round of shots were in order so I took my handy helper (read bad guy) with me.  After all, I don't want to be the one associated with shots in Sawyer's mind.  I want to be the nice one!  After the first shot and the gush of blood, I was reassured I made the right decision.  I even caught Wes turning his head.  To add insult to injury, the nurse kept telling us things like, "He may cry like you've never heard him cry before," or "These last 2 are really going to hurt."  Who says those things?  Is that supposed to make us feel better?!

Much cuddling and holding took place that afternoon.  I don't remember them phasing Colin this much but maybe that's one of those things we block from our memory!  His other stats were good.  He weighs 11.5 lbs, is 23 inches long, and I can't remember his noggin size but it was in the 45th percentile.  He's on track to be 5'11" and skinny.  Hmmm.  I can't imagine where he gets that from!


  1. how precious! I can't imagine thinking a natural birth isn't that bad because of the no needles--you really do have a phobia!

    The artist who did our koi pond just does art on the side and she generally only commissions work, so its hanging in private houses. If you want her info, I can pass it along and let her know you are interested....

  2. I can't believe the nurse said that - glad you're all done! And what a cute pic! Hope you have a smooth adjustment to going back to work too :)

  3. Shots don't bother me but I have a crazy fear of giving blood. I passed out once as a child and I still haven't gotten over it yet.

    But I am glad he is done with his shots. He is so cute!!!