Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chef in the making

One of the many things I've learned in my few short years of parenting is to never say no in terms of food.  Wes and I try to make a conscious effort to not only encourage Colin to try everything we're eating, but we also try to never say, "oh, you won't like this" or "he won't eat that."  He loves to help me cook and often samples whatever ingredients I'm using that day.

I'm also a stickler for getting in enough fruits and veggies every day.  I'm certainly not the first to hide vegetables in dishes or disguise them in such a way he doesn't know they're there.  But he took that to a whole new level this weekend.  I asked him which vegetable he wanted with his almond butter and banana sandwich (Wes mentioned the banana addition one day as a joke and Colin couldn't wait to try it).  He chose lima beans and he insisted on having them ON the sandwich!  Thinking he wouldn't like it and the sandwich would be wasted, I told him he could try a bite first and if he liked it, I'd put the lima beans on the whole sandwich.  I'm not sure if he was trying to prove me wrong or what but he liked it.  He really liked it.  He ate the entire sandwich and requested another one for the next 2 days until I finally made him another one.  He ate that one right up too and seemingly enjoyed every bite.  Here's the concoction and the master chef.  Who know, maybe it is good.  If you try it, you'll have to let me know!

The creation


  1. So funny. What a character he is.

  2. Wes eats Doritos and cheese on a sandwich, so is a sandwich with lima beans, bananas and almond butter really such a stretch?