Monday, July 12, 2010

Today, or not today?

That is the question.  Well I'm sorry to report to 90% of you but Little Boy Blue did not make his appearance this weekend.  There are only 4 of you still in the running for the correct delivery date but I must admit I'm not too surprised - that he hasn't come, not that you were wrong.  Since I had to be induced with Colin and even that was a week later, I just think my children like to bake a little longer.  I actually think it's so tight in there that they are stuck and just can't find their way out.

I did find out at my last appointment that I am 1-2 cm dilated, thinning, and he's head down.  I'm pretty sure they tell any pregnant woman that she's at least 1 cm just to give them hope, so I wasn't too excited with that report.  My sister was pulling for 4-5 cm but she didn't get them.  I go back again tomorrow to get checked again.  At that point we will also set the date for the induction.  Wes and I both have a feeling Thursday or Friday will be the day but we shall see.

I also found out that he's now measuring 6 lbs 14oz but she admitted a) it's hard to get an accurate reading from someone of my stature and b) his femur measurement was the one of the holy trinity that was making him small.  So my child is going to have stubby legs, that doesn't mean he's a midget.  We soon will see.

Until next time, I'll still be here blogging away!


  1. I really thought when we didn't hear from you guys this weekend that you were having a baby! I hope you don't have to be induced.

    If it gives you any hope, I was dilated to 1cm on the day of my last checkup, and an hour later my water broke. We'll be thinking about you this week!

  2. just praying for a safe delivery for a healthy baby and baby momma for you!

    and to answer your question - I do work at the Reynolds Rd Meijer pharmacy!! You must stop and say hi sometime, ya know, one day when you're not too busy birthing babies and chasing toddlers ;) I heard your friend Bethany was wonderful, but she was before my time there - not sure where she's dealing drugs now. haha!

  3. OOOoooh baby on his way!! How exciting!! I will be praying for a safe and easy delivery for you ; )
    I cannot wait to hear how your appointment goes tomorrow!

    And yes, Daisy is doing better! She is SUCH a little can't even tell she was sickly a couple weeks ago!

  4. Been thinking about you! Lots of prayers and patience are being sent your way. Keep us posted.