Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Fun

What does a beautiful, sunny, and warm weekend equal?  Lots of time spent outdoors!  Ah to be young again and oblivious to the scorching temperatures.  This past weekend begins our week of unseasonably warm temps.  The kind where the minute you walk out your door you feel like you're going to melt and wonder why you bothered with your hair or makeup!  Colin was pouring sweat, yet still happy as a clam.
Future (Dr.) John Wall

A.D.D. sets in and the basketball is quickly replaced with the bike.
Safety first.  Can't forget the helmet.

Riding with his beloved Grandpa!  Poor Grandpa still in his church clothes braving the 90 degree weather.

Our neighborhood pool opens next weekend and although I don't relish the thought of spandex on this belly, the cold water is definitely tempting.  Colin has been practicing his swimming techniques in the bathtub so hopefully he'll do the same in the real pool!  


  1. These photos are so sweet! Glad y'all had a great weekend, with wonderful weather!

    By the way, I finally tried the Greek yogurt and loved it! It's going to be my breakfast staple. So far, my favorite is blueberry. Thanks again!

  2. Hello Maternity Bikini!! (BTW - I spelled that as bakini twice while realizing it was not spelled like that but trying to figure out what actually spelled the "ba" sound.)

    Anyway - it takes away the "spandex" on the belly problem! I KNOW you can rock it!!

    Pierce is like Colin. He will run and go and go and go in the heat and turns bright red and we have to make him come in!

  3. The future Mr. Wall is TOOO cute!! He's got GAME too I see! haha