Monday, May 3, 2010

Thank you

I just wanted to thank you for your words of wisdom.  As someone said, I don't think Colin will understand the term "quiet time" (considering he can't grasp how to "be quiet") but I think that's the direction we are going in.  We've basically been doing that for the last week or so but yesterday I just reached my breaking point with the screaming.  It's probably a good thing I'm not a stay-at-home mother because I think I would have lost more than my patience by now.  I truly admire those of you who can do it - you're in a league of your own!!

I also think having both Wes and I at home was part of the problem, at least this weekend.  So today to repay us, he takes a great nap for my mom!  At least my mom was able to get a break and get a few things done.  Colin was able to recharge his batteries and was a much better boy because of it.  He was proud to tell me he had taken a nap and then decided that "he was going to start taking night-nights again."  Fingers (and toes) crossed!

On a random note, I received a nice compliment today from a stranger.  I was taking a stroll at lunch today to enjoy some sunshine for a change when I came upon a guy who was using a blower to blow away his shrub clippings.  He stopped his blower when he saw me and said, "Now that's what I like to see."  I wasn't sure what to expect next but I was thinking something along the lines of an exercising pregnant woman.  No, he proceeded to say, "That glow."  I smiled and paused to try to determine what, if anything to say.  I finally said, "Well thank you but I'm not so sure about that."  He quickly quipped, "Oh YOU've got it!"  Um, thanks?  And then I picked up the pace and walked as quickly as I could back to my office.

As much as I've complained over the unnecessary comments, questions, and observations while pregnant, it's nice to receive an unsolicited compliment every now and then too.  Even if it is from a potentially creepy lawn guy who may have been harmless but I've grown quite skeptical in my old(er) age.


  1. Glad Colin slept so well today. Hope he keeps it up. :) And what a sweet thing for that man to say, even if it was a little bit surprising and unexpected. :)

  2. what a sweet compliment. those are so nice when you're not exactly feeling like you "glow" huh?

    hang in there with the naps. we're working on the same thing if that makes you feel better. i guess it's just a stage!?

  3. Awww!! It is nice to get a random compliment! I know it's a little creepy sometimes but it makes you feel good none the less! ;)

    Have a great day and I hope Colin continues doing well!

  4. Hopefully he keeps up the "night-nights" for you all. And I say, ignore the potentially creepy factor and enjoy the compliment!

  5. So happy for you that it sounds like life is managable again. The comment was sweet, I'm sure he meant it in the nicest way.

  6. Sorry you're going through this, friend - I wish I had some words of advice but this is probably looming on the horizon for us, as well! Just take it one day at a time. It was a nice compliment you received - you are definitely one of the cutest pregnant ladies I know!! :)