Friday, May 28, 2010

The award goes to...

Me!  I was recently awarded the "Sweet Blog Award" by Same Sweet Girl:  Memoir of a Southern Belle.  Boy do I have her fooled!  No, seriously I consider this quite a compliment considering she's super sweet herself.  I can always count on her for a warm and thoughtful comment on nearly every post!  How she manages to do that is beyond me.  I'd love to leave a comment on each of your posts but time just doesn't permit.  So please know even if I don't comment, I still read each and every one of your blogs and enjoy every one of them (:  I feel like I know you all and even though we've never met in real life, I consider you all very dear blog friends!  If you haven't already visiting Same Sweet Girl's blog, I encourage you to do so because you won't be disappointed.

In the meantime, I'm to bestow this honorable award on to 10 other sweet blogs.  That's actually a challenging task because I believe each of you are super sweet and have sweet blogs.  So I'll just pick 10 of my best commenters.  Thank you all for encouraging me along the way and letting me know someone is out there listening (reading).

1.  Amanda @ Ahh Bear
3.  Lauren @ Bluegrass Love
4.  Sara @ Southern Comfort
5.  Elizabeth @ Kentucky Mama
6.  Katherine @ Just Lovely
7.  Cara @ Seeking our Silas
9.  Jesslee@ Just Because


  1. Thank you!!!! I haven't won anything in a LONG time!!! Is there any sort of tiara that comes with it? LOL.

    Are we supposed to pass it on because you know I'm giving it right back to you!!

    Glad we have our food and photo and baby talks!! :)

  2. Thanks, lady! I hope you all have had a great holiday weekend! Thanks for your H&M coupon - unfortunately, I was stuck in Naperville and never got downtown. I think I will be returning to Chicago in a few weeks, so maybe I'll get to hit up Michigan Avenue on that trip.

  3. And yet another award for you, I'm posting it tomorrow. :)

  4. aww thanks! Of course I'm a reader--I adore your blog!

  5. Thanks!! My blog is totally slacking lately ... I think I need to re-invent with a new name and layout ... maybe even a new url.

    And, you are totally cute prego - love the update!!