Monday, April 5, 2010

Hippity Hop

Easter is one of the few holidays that we migrate east to Wes' house.  Two things can be for certain every time we go,  lots of hugging and a good home cooked country meal.  This year we had the added bonus of great weather, so the kids were actually able to wear their sleeveless Easter dresses without sweaters and sandals without freezing their tookus' off.  It also made for pleasant egg hunting, as can be seen here.  I was so proud of Colin for finding 4 money eggs - he takes after his mommy with his competitive thriftiness.

Thankfully Colin took to all the aforementioned hugging and kissing and kindly obliged anyone who asked.  His 2 favorites were Wes' younger sister, Anna, and Papaw Jerry, Wes' dad.  He could not give enough hugs and kisses, as can be seen here:

And to prove I was there too, here are a few more, including one with my bump.

I've saved the best for last.  The egg hunt and Easter meal were at Wes' grandmother's house.  Please keep in mind she is 80+ years old, was born and raised in Eastern KY, and is not what I would call a social reformist.  I remind you this is Eastern KY where they are several years behind the rest of the world.  You've seen Dateline so there's no need for me to expound, you'll realize the humor in the next picture.   
Just 2 little brown boys who have been fixtures in Mamaw's yard for 20+ years.  Colin sat down in between them, completely unprompted, and proceeded to put his arms around them as if they were his long lost friends.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


  1. Your baby bump is sooo cute!!!

  2. YAY!!! So excited to see little boy blue!!! You look great! And I can now say after seeing your family photo that Colin looks like YOU!!!

  3. Great pictures ... what wonderful weather we had on Easter! I love seeing the baby bump and the family picture! And, you know I loved the last picture ... no explanation needed for someone also from KY and it made me die laughing!

  4. what a precious little boy. i'm glad that you have a good easter and just think, next year you'll have a family of four to celebrate with!! :)

  5. You're becoming a pro with that camera. I love the family picture, but they are all beautiful!

  6. great family pic -that sweater is super cute!

    I can actually remember talking to my little brown friend that was in front of my grannies house when I was a kid -funny the things we remember. Those little statues must be a E. Ky staple for granny houses -LOL!

  7. Great pictures, especially the one of the whole family - you look phenomenal! Sounds like you had an adventure in EKY, as always!