Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Brusha, brusha, brusha

Today was a big day.  Today was the day I have been fearing ever since I saw Jon and Kate take their clan to the dentist for their first visit.  Most of them did well but 2 were holy terrors and I feared that would happen to us.  Biting, lips sealed, crying, kicking, screaming all were visions that danced in my head last night as I dreamt about what our first trip to the dentist would be like.

Wes and I were both there for this monumental day.  Colin was geared up and ready to go after a fun morning at Gymboree.  I met them there and quickly saw he was having fun with a little boy about half his age.  He's non-discriminate, what can I say?  At least I got that much right.  They had a miniature carousel that he rode no less than half a dozen times and a circus tent in the middle of the room.  Clearly these people have kids and know how to distract them.

When Colin's name was called, I didn't have to be fearful because he jolted for the door in eager anticipation.  He led the way and was ready to see the dentist!  The hygienist was wonderful and I later found out she has a 2-year old of her own.  He got his teeth brushed with the electric toothbrushy thing and he even laid down and let them use one of those metal scraper things to get some plaque off (I thought his bottom teeth were permanently discolored so I was very pleased.).   She told us it was time to start flossing and I hope I didn't roll my eyes because that's definitely what I was thinking.  She did it and he just lay there perfectly still.  I was proud as punch of my little guy.  Both she and the doctor complimented him on being one of the best behaved 2-year olds.  The hygienist said it's rare to have a 2-year old allow her to do so much.  I think the cool sunglasses they gave him helped a lot!

I honestly think we just picked the right age to take him.  He would not have been ready at 2 when they suggest you go.  For once, I'm glad I put it off.  He has matured so much in just the last month that I almost feel like my little baby is all grown up.  I guess I'll have another shortly to fill that void.  Until then, I'll eat up every kiss and hug from my super sweet little boy!


  1. Yay Colin!!! Way to go!!

    I took Pierce at 2 years, 2ish months. He did not love the dentist. But I'm not too worried ... maybe next time he'll spend less time in the treasure chest and more time in the chair!! LOL.

  2. Awww what a cutie!!!!! Thanks for the comment! I love your blog!! So glad I found it! :)

  3. Your little man is so cute! And what a big boy to do so great at the dentist.

    Have a great weekend! =)

  4. Thanks for your comment, and congrats on YOUR pregnancy! Isn't it amazing how much you forget in between pregnancies?!

    Colin looks like one cool & collected dude! I can totally understand dreading taking your little one to the dentist for the first time, but looks like he did amazing. Glad it went well!