Monday, April 19, 2010

Breakfast with the horses

Something that is definitely synonymous with Kentucky are horses (and horse racing but that's another story).  The are beautifully statuesque and amazing animals - amazingly large that is.  From a distance they are beautiful creatures but up close those not-so pearly whites can be quite large.

Last year we took Colin to Keeneland to have breakfast in the Track Kitchen (a true steal if you're in the market for a huge breakfast).  After breakfast we wandered over to the stalls to see if any horses were out.  There were several and some nice trainers and/or owners offered to let Colin pet them.  He did and talked about it for months after.

Fast forward to this past weekend.  With the beautiful weather, I have a tendency to try to think of all the outdoor activities that I can to soak up the sun.  It was a brisk morning but we headed out to repeat our breakfast with the horses.  Colin talked about it the entire day before and right up until we got to see them again.  The kid has no fear because he wanted to walk right up to one and pet it.  We must have gone at a prime time because most of the horses that were out were getting bathed and no one offered to allow Colin to pet their horse.

There was one that was by a gate and we cautiously approached it.  Just as the horse revealed it's enormous chompers to bite the metal gate, a voice came from the side saying that he might nip.  Ok, that's all I need to hear, we backed off and admired the beauty from a distance.  Colin didn't really understand but the promise of seeing a little man (jockey) on a horse allowed us to move on.  We did get to see several little men and then we were able to leave without much ado.

This has become a tradition that we look forward to continuing with the next little one.  I can hardly wait for the day when one of them asks to buy one!


  1. this is so adorable and something colin will remember forever. you are such a great mom!

  2. I'm jealous! That looks like fun!!

  3. All those years of living in Lexington and I still cannot believe that I have never been to Keeneland breakfast! Looks like such a fun time, I'm glad Colin enjoys it so.

    Oh, and speaking of breakfast, we FINALLY got over to Wild Eggs and have been there for brunch the past two Sundays - best breakfast I think I have ever had!

  4. i've never been to the breakfast but my hairdresser used to take his kids all the time and raved about it.

    what great memories and the perfect opportunity to get some great shots.

  5. Aww!!! What a great idea! That is too cool! I just love starting new traditions. :)

  6. Just thought I would pop over here and say hi back! Thanks for visiting my blog and i hope you liked whichever recipes you tried of mine!

    Look like we are due around the same time, I am June 17th and we don't know what it is. We love the surprise, but I'm 99% sure it's a boy!

    Hope to talk to you more!


  7. Great pics! We were planning to come in this past weekend for Keeneland and decided last minute against it. I hated not coming but we just came in March and also have to come in June for my brother's graduation. Oh well, I'm going to try for the fall meet.

    Going to the breakfast is a great tradition -love it!

  8. What great memories for your family. =)