Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Dinner Ideas

We had our Easter dinner a little early at our house.  I knew we'd be at Wes' parent's house for Easter and I love any excuse for turkey, so we had it last week.  You know, turkey is one food that seems to be reserved for holidays but it's really quite versatile, easy, and always delicious.  Oven turkey is easy enough but when you're not home all day to babysit it, this crockpot variety is a delicious alternative.  It's actually more juicy and tender and retains more flavor that traditional oven baking.  The only downside is you don't have the crisp, delicious skin, or the wow-factor for presentation but I'll take taste over those 2 things any day.  The recipe is so easy; only 3 ingredients and you're good to go!  I plan to attempt my own Onion Soup Mix variation next time though because every option at the grocery had MSG and that's no good.  Don't worry if you don't like cranberry sauce, you don't actually eat it, it's just there for flavor and to keep the turkey moist.  Enjoy!
Cranberry Onion Soup Mix Turkey
Author:  Some genius on the interweb

3lb. turkey breast (frozen or thawed)
1 can cranberry sauce (jellied type)
1 envelope onion soup mix (dry)

Place thawed turkey breast in slow cooker.  Mix together cranberry sauce and soup mix and pour over top (spread).  Cook on HIGH for 2 hours, then LOW for 7 hours.  If breast is still frozen, cook on HIGH for 2 hours, then LOW for 10 hours or more.


I have a love hate relationship with things that involve yeast.  I generally try to avoid them but every once in a while I get brave and declare I'm going to overcome my fears and anxieties.  You can't have turkey without yeast rolls, so I decided to give it another whirl.  I was pleasantly surprised how well these turned out.  I ended up halving the recipe but then forgot I was halving when it came time to divide out the rolls.  Oh well, they turned out fine, just a little small.  The recipe is called KitchenAid's 60 Minute Dinner Rolls and while it was pretty quick, I think it took a little longer than that.  Either way, it was a recipe worth keeping and trying again...with the right sized rolls!


  1. Cool! I was just looking for new CrockPot recipes last week. Will definitely give this one a try. Thanks!

  2. Everything looks scrumptious, as usual - you are my culinary hero!

  3. i'm really sad i'm not home to make this for my family. it looks delicious! thank you so much for the sweet comment. i am going to get through this, you are right! :)