Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Yesterday I posted pictures of the pink room but I was only able to include one of the twin beds. That's because the other one is now Colin's big boy bed. I had every intention to purchase the new bedding before we made the move but some things don't go as planned. Wes joked that he'd probably like the pink bedding just as much because of his love for the color red. He was right, Colin never knew the difference and adores every aspect of his new bed. For what it's worth, I do plan to buy his new bedding this weekend.

No matter what's covering the bed, Colin is a rough sleeper. The bed rails are in place and I can only imagine how many times he would have fallen out by now if they weren't. We had a birthday party to go to this weekend and I was trying to quietly wake him up. I peered in and saw this:

One click of the camera and he raised up and immediately posed and grinned for the camera. I wasn't quick enough to snap that but here are a few others that I thought were just too precious. Completely upside down and just as comfy as can be. I guess the rails will stay up a bit longer!


  1. I love how he sleeps! And why is it that you don't want him in bed with you guys? I just can't imagine!

  2. Pierce sleeps the SAME way! And he was wearing that SAME shirt in my last post - how funny!!