Monday, February 15, 2010

The Verdict is In...

It's a BOY!!

It seems the majority thought girl but this little guy had other plans. He wasn't real cooperative this morning since he was perfectly content in the breech position but he did show his stuff long enough for the technician to get a peek. I'm still terrible at deciphering those images. All I could make out was the spine that looked like a fish and a big old noggin. Since he wouldn't budge, we get to have another sneak peak next time to get a closer look at the 4 chambers of his heart.

Wes was sort of quiet during the process and I thought maybe there might be a little disappointment but he later assured me he was just trying to keep Colin from tearing the place apart. He went on to tell Colin all the responsibilities of being a big brother - everything from showing him how to do things, playing with him, and most importantly sticking up for him and protecting him. I thought that was super sweet and I think Colin will fit the role just great. He has such a caring heart that I know he won't let anyone or anything hurt his little brother!

So the transformation of the pink bedroom will soon begin. It does make me a touch sad because that's one of the first bedrooms I redid when we moved in to this house 9 years ago. I love the colors, the bedding, and the window treatments but I guess 9 years is a long time to get to enjoy it. I'll have to post some before pictures so you can all appreciate the pink. Colin and I took a tour of one of the big boy beds and talked about how one of those would be moving in his room soon so that the baby could have the crib. He seemed perfectly happy with that and eagerly told Daddy about it. Let's hope the excitement is still there when the move actually takes place.

Wes and I joked that we'd be saving a lot of money with this one but that he'd never have anything new. There's a chance he'll be a different size though and then he'll get to have some new duds. I know me though, I won't be able to pass up the super cute baby clothes!

Now the naming fun can begin. We agreed to not think about it (too much) until we found out the gender. Now that we know, the wheels have already started spinning. I'll warn you, that's the one little secret we keep to ourselves until the baby arrives. You never know, he may come out and not fit that name at all. We don't want to commit to anything too quickly either! We both agreed early on that boy's names were easier than girl's names, so ask me in a couple of weeks if I still feel that way!

We're super excited and we got some great 3D pictures too. I don't think we got any of those with Colin and I didn't ask for them today. I've always thought they were a bit spooky but she didn't ask, so I gladly laid back and enjoyed the show. It's amazing to me how formed and baby-like they are at only 9oz. What an amazing blessing!

Thanks to all of your well wishes and guesses but I'm sorry to report none of you correctly guessed boy. This pregnancy just goes to show you that you can have 2 completely different pregnancies, yet end up with the same gender both times.

"The first woman a boy falls in love with is his mom." - Anonymous


  1. CONGRATS! I'm so happy for you and Wes, and of course for Colin. I know he'll be a great big brother. Love you guys.

  2. So much for my gut feeling - two little boys! I know you all are thrilled - Colin will be such a good BIG brother!

  3. Congrats on boy number 2! That's wonderful news! So happy for you all!

  4. Congratulations!!! So happy for you.


    I love the sound of it!

  5. That is exciting!!! The boys will have so much fun together :) I can't wait to find out what we are having.... and the naming can begin!

  6. Congratulations!! I can't believe we were all wrong ... I love the quote you posted at the end, so true and sweet!

  7. Congratulations!!! Having two boys, close in age is ..... well..... I would like to tell you all these flowery things about how brothers are best buddies and fun and are beautiful friends... but I haven't hit that point yet... ask me again in a few years! LOL But I know they will be close friends when they grow up... if they make it that long without killing each other!!

    Also, about the hand me downs. Here is how it works in our family. Most of the hand me downs I allow Ross to PLAY in. (unless its something really nice) and then each holiday and season I buy him a FEW really nice things just for him that are brand new to match the other two kids. Your second boy's personality will be VERY different than your first... I could not believe how different two same children of the same sex, can be! BUT... you will love every minute of it! And you have practice with all that boy stuff!