Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's a Small World

Today my mom took Colin to Gymboree for his weekly class. There are 2 things you should know about that - 1) Wes normally takes Colin to his class but due to all the snow, the schedules got out of whack this week and Buff was filling in and 2) My mom is a very friendly, never-met-a-stranger, careless woman. Even though it's taken me many years to grow out of my shyness, I'm slowly but surely becoming just like her. That's definitely a good thing, I hope to be more and more like her as the years go by!

Now that we have those 2 small details out of the way, I can continue to story. There was a little girl in his class today that my mom heard her mom refer to as "Abby". My mom's ears immediately perked up and she quickly popped over to the mother to interrogate her. My mom asked her, "When is her birthday?"

The lady, with I'm sure some trepidation, responded, "June."

My mom eagerly asked, "June 26th?" By this point I'm sure the lady thought my mom was a crazy person (see the careless description above).

"Yes," the lady replied.

My mom excitedly launches into her story. She tells the lady how Colin was born on the same day and that she and I were both in labor at the same hospital at the same time. My mom spent the day with her parents and her in-laws and even went so far as to recall what they did for a living and where they were from (retired teacher at Henry Clay and in-laws from Louisville).

The girl said, "Yes, that's them." By this time she either wanted to run as fast as she could to get away from the nut case or was amazed that my mom somehow put this connection together.
My mom was giddy with excitement. She has been looking for this family ever since Colin was born. In her defense, I guess you do form a special bond with people you spend the better part of a day cooped up with in a 6x8 room. I won't discuss the stalkerish links she's gone to to find this family but I can assure you now that she's found them she's not letting them go. She asked me if it would be okay to ask the mom next time if Colin and Abby could have a playdate sometime. I said sure. I just hope the lady doesn't think my mom is completely off her rocker.

Tonight Wes asked Colin what he did in Gymboree and he said nothing about the class, only that Abby was there. Wes asked him if that was his new friend and he said, "No, she's Buff's friend." Out of the mouths of babes!

I must admit, crazy as it is, it is really amazing that after 2 1/2 years, we randomly find a little girl who was born at the same hospital and the same day as Colin. Small world! Just think, if my mom wouldn't have taken him today, we wouldn't have had this chance encounter. Crazy!


  1. That is soooo random ... but, if anyone could find this couple randomly, it's definitely your Mom!! I hope that Colin and Abby grow to be dear friends!

  2. This makes me laugh!! I love finding connections like that! Question - is your Mom's name Buff or is she just called Buff?

  3. Funny how some things are just MEANT to be! PS... the oreo truffles... are amazing.... I made SEVERAL batches at Christmas and they will be added to my staple list for each holiday!!

  4. ugh... that is ME who posted above... LOL My hubby was logged in to his google account and I did not even notice! Not some scary man! LOL