Monday, January 11, 2010

Recipe Hiatus

You may have noticed the absence of recipes during the holidays and there was a good reason (still to come), I promise. I've still been in the kitchen, I just haven't been making any new things. It's been nice to not have to search for recipes but it's also been sort of sad to not get to try new things. I know Wes has appreciated getting some of the "tried and true" dishes of yesteryear but I'm ready for a change.

This weekend I broke the cycle and made some homemade biscuits. After finding this recipe and declaring my search was over, there was still a part of me that got googly-eyed every time I saw a recipe for delicious, flaky biscuits. I came across a recipe several months ago on Mommy's Kitchen of a Southern Living recipe. She echoed my same difficulties of making biscuits, yet declared this recipe to be a winner. With her step by step pictured directions, I was set. Mine still didn't turn out quite as puffy as I would have liked, I think the taste was there and I think I learned to just not roll them out as much next time. The concept of folding the dough on top of itself like a letter is brilliant and provides the air in between the layers that my kneading just does not. I'm anxious to keep tweaking this one to see if I can actually satisfy myself! By the way, if you don't already read her blog, she's a great southern cook and has lots of great recipes with great looking pictures!


  1. If I have leanred on thing biscuits take practice. I have days that they just dont turn out. It doesn't happen to often but it happens. It took me a long while and that recipe to get it right. I found if you cut them thicker it will yield in higer biscuits. Plus you cannot handle the dough to much. Something I still need to learn.

  2. OMG those biscuits look incredible. I may have to attempt to make them this weekend! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, how I've missed your recipe posts!!! These biscuits look great, I've been wanting to try homemade biscuits for a while but just hadn't worked up the nerve yet :)