Saturday, January 16, 2010

The best $1 I ever spent!

I heart Target. Who doesn't though, right? I also LOVE their $1 bins and can't seem to go in without checking them out. You never know when there might be a new treasure in there just waiting to be discovered. On one recent visit I discovered these:

I fondly remembered these from my childhood and thought Colin would probably like them too. Wes sort of gave me that look like he wasn't so sure but I was pretty confident, so I just disregarded the look.

I'm not one to rub it in but boy was I right! Colin started asking about his "toy" as soon as we got home. Sometimes I have brief waves of parenting brilliance and this was one of those times. I told him if he took a good nap, we could play with ONE "magic capsule." Seriously, their minds are like sponges. I only said it one time and he already locked it into memory!

Well 2 hours later, no nap, but Colin had expanded his vocabulary by 2 words, magic and capsule. As soon as I walked in his room he asked if we got to play with the magic capsules. I told him no since he hadn't taken a nap. That was a sad moment.

We got over it but the next morning he called to us from his crib saying, "Mommy, Daddy, can I play with my magic capsule now?" I guess the missing nap totally discombobulated him and he thought he had just taken a nap. Nonetheless, we got to play with one at breakfast. He loved it but was a little impatient waiting for it to pop out of the capsule. Then he wanted to know if we could put it back - I'm assuming so we could watch it pop again.

Since then, we've developed a little bribery system with these gems (they're magic to me too). To get him to take a bath, he gets to use TWO capsules. The first night, he attempted to remove his own clothes just to get in there faster. Keep in mind bath time typically involves a chase, resistance, and otherwise hatred of the whole event. Not anymore! He also gets one after a good nap if I'm home (weekends).

We still have 4 more and I'm holding on to them for dear life. I think I need to go stock up though and hope the novelty doesn't wear off anytime soon! I strongly suggest you go pick some of these up yourself and even if you don't use them as bribery like I have, I think your children will love watching them hatch, or pop. It's the best $1 I've spent in a long time!!


  1. I remember those, my sister and I loved those when we were little! You better go stock up! I wonder if they have them in the Louisville Target stores...

  2. I don't have kids yet but always get those for kids who are becoming big brothers or sisters! Entertaining and a steal at $1.00! Love your blog and Congrats too!

  3. Sam's mom got some of those for Pierce - we hid them for a rainy day!!!

  4. Too cute!! I heart Target as well! I always realize how much I "wander" when I'm there alone on trips when Mike is with me ... he gets antsy and hurries me along ... needless to say, my wallet thanks me after those trips : ) I need to run to our local store this week, I'll check and see if they have any grow capsules and can send them your way, if so.

  5. I completely forgot about those things - sounds like fun for Colin!

  6. Oh, I loved these growing up too! We always got them from the zoo and each one would be a different animal.

  7. Well, bad news, our Target is out of them too : (