Tuesday, October 13, 2009

@ the Patch

It's hard to believe this marks our 3rd annual trip to the pumpkin patch! I still remember the first year feeling like the worst mother because I drug my child out in freezing cold temps and mist just so I would have a picture for my scrapbook. I kept him awake just long enough to get there and get a few shots but as soon as we got back in the car, he fell fast asleep.

Last year was better and this year was good too, despite the cold and mist yet again. He had such a grand time running in betwixt the pumpkins and playing in the miniature barn. I think the little barn was by far his favorite. Wes jokingly asked if we could buy it instead of a pumpkin. We bought 2 tiny pumpkins because Colin preferred the ones that were his size, as you can see in this picture.

Then he found a wagon out of place and needed to put it away with the other wagnons, as he likes to call them. He's such a good helper!

We wanted to ride the little train, we even bought tickets, but something snapped on it right before our turn. I couldn't miss a chance for a photo op though and quickly put him in one of the train cars. You'll notice the frightened look, yeah that's from yet another character that he's now scared of. He refers to this one as that lady with a hood on. It was some dummy stuffed with straw that was shaking and laughing. The hood refers to the burlap sack of a head the dummy had. I should have known better!

Maybe next year we'll get to go down the slide or take a hay ride! It will surely be a good time!


  1. i'm hoping ella is feeling better this weekend so we can visit the pumpkin patch. cute pics!

  2. Awww this looks like so much fun! I loved going to the pumpkin patch when I was a kid.

  3. that top picture is making me weak in the knees - darling! warmly, -melanie-

  4. Awww, how cute! Makes me want a little one to take to the pumpkin patch too :)