Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to be healthy

So often my little Colin says the funniest things but my ever-slacking brain can't remember them long enough to share with you. Not this time, I wasn't letting this one slip away.

This morning we - really just Colin because I only had one eye open at 7:30 - were watching Sid the Science Kid on PBS. For those of you not familiar with it, it actually does a pretty decent job of providing legitimate educational advice without being totally annoying. Today's lesson was on being healthy. Hello? Right up my alley! At the end of the show I recapped it by telling Colin that to be healthy we need to wash our hands, brush our teeth, and eat well. He said, "Hmph, I don't want to be healthy."

Great, how am I supposed to respond to that? I'm not sure I did respond actually. No need because he immediately gets down off the couch and tells me he's ready. I said, "Ready for what?"

As he's turning the door handle he says, "To be healthy." Still makes me chuckle! Oh that boy.


  1. Too cute! I don't want to be healthy ;)

  2. Seriously, aren't kids the cutest thing ever! I love the things that come out of their mouths!!! haha!