Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Genius or just a recorder?

I realize a) Colin is my first child and I have nothing to compare him or my experiences to and b) I am his mother and am therefore entitled to be somewhat biased but really people, this kid is smart! I'm trying to do a better job recording these genius moments and I figure the blog is as good as any - plus you can get a good laugh. Here we go and please note, some I'm proud of and some well, his daddy clearly had some influence. I'll let you guess which ones!

- We were walking outside to play and as soon as we got out of the garage he told me, "It's a beautiful day." Yes it was but how do you know what that means?

- That same night he was running around and stopped dead in his tracks to look up at the sky. He said, "Look Mommy, a half moon!" Again, how do you know that? Who taught you that or where did you even hear that. We've definitely talked about the moon but never the size and definitely not the word "half."

- Tonight when Wes went in to tuck him in tonight and Colin had some gas. He told his daddy he was "just tootin' away." In case you needed some help, this is all on Wes.

- He has also begun memorizing books and will sometimes quote the next page before I can even open my mouth. One of these said books is an Elmo book. There's a joke on one page that I was trying to skip for the sake of time. That is until he turned the page back and pointed to it and told me to read the joke. It's the knock-knock joke that goes, boo, boo-who, please don't cry. This is now his favorite joke and loves to tell it all the time. He doesn't quite have the middle of it down but he definitely has the "peas don't cry."

We're definitely starting to realize that nothing we say is safe. If we try to talk in low voices, he knows and asks what we said. Nosey little booger! Even if he doesn't repeat it right then, chances are he will sometime and even in the right context. I think that's the most amazing part. I mean anyone can repeat what they've heard but to actually apply it is a different story. See why I think he's such a smart boy?!


  1. These crack me up! I am amazed everyday at what Pierce knows - like he'll point out eyes on all kinds of stuffed animals & Max & me & Sam ... well sometimes they're not that apparent - how does he know? And animals in books look different - how does he recognize cats in each of the books? They are sponges!!

  2. I vote genius! Aren't they amazing? And it's so weird that they actually carry on little conversations smart!

  3. You'd better start checking into gifted programs for him! : )