Monday, September 21, 2009

Votes Please

I'm trying to get my act together much earlier this year so that Colin will actually be able to participate in Trick-or-Treat with a costume. Sure his cuteness sufficed last year but this year he understands a bit more and actually has some characters that he knows and loves. We started asking several months ago which one he might want to be. What about Sponge Bob, Handy Manny, Spiderman (daddy's suggestion of course), Mickey Mouse, Elmo, and the list went on. Like any non-suspecting 2-year old, he said yes to each one of them. On that particular day he settled for Sponge Bob but that has since changed approximately 10 times.

So as to not have a repeat performance of last year, I've decided to take measures into my own hands. Colin and I were out and found a small display of costumes. I let him look through them and pick which one he liked. He flip-flopped back and forth between the pumpkin and the frog, so like any good mom, I bought them both. He couldn't wait to bring them home and try them on. The frog seemed a little small considering he couldn't extend his head up fully and had to look down. Wes thought it would get old quick, what with it's appendages and full bodysuit. So he chose the pumpkin. That is until he saw the pictures I had staged of him modeling both costumes. Now he thinks, "it's a little fruity" and just like that, we're on the prowl again.

Has anyone found a great costume spot? I'm not one who's willing to spend a lot on an outfit he'll likely wear 1 time, so bear that in mind before you go suggesting Pottery Barn Kids or the like. I agree theirs are probably THE cutest ones out there but I'm not expecting any talent scouts in my neighborhood that night. I also don't want one that looks so cheap that I would be better off cutting a hole in a sheet and calling him a ghost.

In the meantime, I'll share the pictures from the modeling session. Wes joked that now that we have the pictures, do we really need a costume? Would you have chosen either of these? I'm still holding on to the pumpkin in case I can't find anything else.

Apparently posing with with "Sam" the Scarecrow means standing in front of him and completely covering him up!
How can this be fruity with that face?


  1. i love love love the frog one! do they maybe have it in a larger size so he could extend his neck?

  2. I have found some REALLY cute ones at Kohl's! they have pottery barn esque one in the "first steps" brand but for 1/2 the price.

    Online I used to LOVE Babystyle but for some reason their website is down this year... hmph.

    Also I noticed that homegoods had a really cute lamb, scarecrow and something else when I was there the other day!


  3. Too bad the frog was too small...that was really cute! We're having the same dilemma in our house right now, I'm leaning towards lady bug but haven't made up my mind yet. Halloween Express has a large selection, and not everything in there is over priced. Good luck!

  4. Thanks guys! I'm going to try some of those places today while the selection is still good. I'll keep you posted.

  5. Dana -

    I might be with Wes on the pumpkin, although if you put some black sweats on him or something, that would change the look :) I would also probably leave the hat off, but otherwise, I actually like the pumpkin! Did you get these two at Re-Kid?