Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Little Ray of Sunshine

On this otherwise grey day, there's one thing that always provides that little bit of sunshine to put a smile on my face - this little guy! I hope he never outgrows his sweet, caring, and lovable personality.

I was greeted last night with Colin and Daddy playing t-ball in the yard. Correction: Daddy was playing t-ball and Colin was gathering leaves and sticks into a pile. I just love the laid-back feeling that weekends provide. Normally I rush home and begin cooking dinner, with little to no time to play. I was able to enjoy the wonderful weather with Colin last night before coming in for dinner. Another caveat is that Colin has lost his appetite as of late, or he would have been gnawing his arm off wanting to eat dinner. I'm hoping it's just teeth and not some kind of virus but seeing as how he has no other real symptoms, I'm just chalking it up to those pesky 2-year molars. Does anyone remember when their children's 2-year molars came in and what symptoms they may have had? He just doesn't seem interested in food at all right now and he's sleeping a little more than usual.

Here are a few more shots from last night. One of him yelling about something, probably at a bird, and one of him staring nervously at our neighbor backing out of her driveway.

I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful, yet crazy, July weather!


  1. He is so cute. I just love his hair and those big eyes.

  2. Very cute. I love the picture of him yelling at the bird :) weekends are the best!! Hope he regains his appetite soon.