Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Week in Pictures

Oh come on, you'd be disappointed if there were no words! Our vacation was wonderful. Colin was such a trooper in the car and took up with Sidney right away. The two of them played and played and the 4 adults agreed that was the highlight of our trip, seeing them interact so well together. The favorite phrase was, "See Sidney" or "See Colin". We couldn't have asked for better company, weather, or location. I will, however, spare you the restaurant reviews because I was overall very unimpressed with the food. High prices, subpar food, and little variety just doesn't make for good reading or writing.

Now as promised, here was our week in pictures:

This is the house we rented in Seacrest. It was the perfect layout for our 2 families and close to both the beach and the pool!

The two lovebirds sharing on the first day! We're off to a great start.

Colin and his "big boppie". He's partial to the corners of it and he looks like a caged animal trying to get at it. We spent a lot of time right here just so he could get his fix. I'm guessing it'll be around for a while.

One of our first days at the beach when Colin actually let the sand touch his feet. In his defense, the sand was about a million degrees. He's not bashful when it comes to other people's toys. He's surrounded by a bunch of toys, none of which are his own.

Chillin' out like a big boy. I'm still just as pasty white as ever.

Ol' papaw sitting in his lounge chair, sipping a cold beverage. Thank goodness for these chairs, they were a lifesaver!

Shocker of the week: Colin loved the pool and his float! It helped that the pool water was about 85 degrees and there weren't many people there - hmm, wonder why?! He wore himself out kicking his legs and jumping off the side of the pool (still not a fan of his head getting wet though).

Future super model! What would have made this picture even more perfect would have been the addition of Sidney's "Super Model" bib that Colin loved to wear! As you can see, he came out of his shell rather quickly.

There were bikes everywhere and Colin was enamored with them! He loved getting on this one and pretending he was riding.

One of only two bites of his birthday cupcake that he ate. He was too full from dinner and wanted to get down and play.

His preference for a birthday treat - a nice cold cup of ice water. He discovered the straw this week and just couldn't get enough of it. Notice the wet hair - wet from sweat from running around so much.

Colin also took to Sidney's mommy, Brooke. There were no shortage of books or stories on this trip!

See what I mean? What a captive audience Sidney's daddy has.

In the car on the long drive home, content as can be. Wes and I both thanked him about a dozen times for being such a good boy!! I'm still shocked and amazed we made it back in 1 day and without incident!


  1. Looks like you had a great time. Sorry the food was so disappointing! I absolutely LOVED the picture of him in the pool...too cute!!

  2. Ok, I cannot believe you posted that horrid picture of me reading to them - ha! Glad you all made it back safe and sound. Hopefully Wes told you I called today. We made it back too, and Sidney was amazingly cooperative. I was READY TO GET OUT OF THE CAR though!!! Thanks again for a great trip!

  3. What a perfect vacation! Colin is such a stud!