Wednesday, May 13, 2009


He's still precious! He's becoming such a ham in front of the camera and suddenly understands how a camera works. Like most kids (and adults for that matter), he likes to see himself on the display screen as soon as the photo has been taken. This first group is him rearranging the deck furniture. I have no idea what his methodical ways imply about his future but he loves to make piles, organize, and group things together. All I know is if he keeps this up, he'll never have clutter in his life. I guess there could be worse things to wish for.
Look at my not so little boy! I think he looks like such a little man in this big boy outfit. Then add back in the blankie and he's still my little boy. For the record, it's not a blankie, it's a blam-lee.


  1. my daughter ella does the same thing with grouping things and moving things all around

  2. He is too friggin' cute - I can't stand it!