Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Day at the Pool

With our vacation quickly approaching, I wanted to try to get Colin acclimated to the water so he wouldn't be totally freaked and want to stay inside the whole time at the beach. He also starts swim lessons (round 2) soon and I didn't want to have the only child crying in the water. So I thought today would be the perfect day to visit our neighborhood pool. I asked him if he wanted to go and probably completely unaware as to what he was answering to, he said "Yes!"

We dig out the swim trunks, one of 2 remaining swimmer diapers from last year, fight the sunscreen battle, load up our bag, and off we go in the umbrella stroller. I hadn't made it to the next door neighbors house before I realized the umbrella stroller was a bad idea. It's about 1 foot too short for my arms (I can only imagine how Wes was able to maneuver it), the 20-lb beach bag is on the handle hitting my foot with every step, and it's really hard to steer. Colin was perfectly content and pointed out EVERY bird along the way.

We made it to the pool, only to read that it didn't open until noon! It was only 10:50. Luckily there's a small park right next to it to pass the time. Colin plays on the equipment for a brief period before beginning his OCD pastime - collecting and organizing. He proceeded to collect all the rocks and place them in a neat pile. That kept him occupied for quite some time and I enjoyed resting on the bench. As I sat there I contemplated what he could do next that wouldn't involve me having to get up (forgive me, I was having a lazy day). I had it - I'd ask him to move all the rocks to a different location. Yep, he fell for and happily obliged. Normally we would not have stayed there for over an hour, but I was bound and determined not to waste one of the two remaining swimmer diapers!

Finally it was time for the pool to open and off we went. I put my feet in the Arctic water and tried to fake that it wasn't cold. I got him to stand on the first step of the baby pool. That was short-lived after he felt the temperature. He took a deep breath and said "brrr". Being the great, lazy parent that I am, I stay there while he goes over to our bag to fish out a toy...or my cell phone. About this time a little boy and his family come in the side gate. Colin, not the most coordinated child (he gets it honestly), watches the little boy and continues walking towards me. We're all accustomed to staring in this house so I just watched and smiled...until he walked right into the pool! I lunged from my post and scooped him up out of the water. I felt like I was moving in slow motion towards a scene from tv. He was laying there face down and looked just like what you expect a person to look like who had died of drowning. He was fine but my cell phone that was in his hand and thus fell in the water with him, was not so fortunate! I think the frigid temperatures took over and he just wanted to be wrapped up in a towel. A few minutes later he was up and about and rearranging the chairs. Unfortunately, that was our only dip in the pool. I asked him several times if he wanted to get in and there was no hesitation before he said, "no". I suppose the trauma of the experience would've scared me out of re-entering as well. Here's hoping our next trip to the pool goes a little better. Hopefully seeing the other kids in the pool will entice him to try it. Although he is a loner and prefers to look at other children from afar. Hmm, who does that sound like, Wes?

Apparently this is a common occurrence among children this age. I wish I would have had the quick thinking skills of this mother to avoid any permanent scars.


  1. That is so scary! I had something like that happen with Madelyn and it still makes me freak out when I think about it. Glad it sounds like he recovered ok!

  2. Bless your heart, I can't imagine how scary that was. And poor little Colin!! I'm glad he's ok and I hope he warms up the pool soon!

    And you said he's on his second round of swim lessons? I didn't know there was anywhere that offered them for that age group?!

  3. Hi Colin's Mom!! So many things to say - I hope that it doesn't cut me off. #1 - Thank you for the shout out on your blog ... as you'll read in my latest blog - we had a scarier incident today and I wrote my blog before reading yours but thought (as I read yours) - oh my gosh, we had the SAME (scary horrible) experience! Living in NC, I feel like Pierce HAS to like the pool so we do everything we can to project only positive feelings with it. It has been VERY hard in the scary moments but knowing if we say "yay" he'll think it's good or if we are scared, he'll follow suit, we make all attempts to stay on the happy side of things. (But trust me, inside we feel the same way!) We also approach the pool as - this is fun and we will play in it! We let him run around outside of it for a bit but then we always put him back in the water with different toys to redirect his attention back to the pool. #2 - I will give you a quick rundown about the photography but it might be easier in an email - if you want to - email me at Everything you listed was correct - it's lighting + the lens + editing that make the pictures turn out the way they do. Quick tips for lighting - use natural light - this may mean upgrading lenses so that you have a low aperture availability (I shoot with a Nikon 50mm 1.8) - at 1.8, it will let a lot more light in so that you don't have to use a flash or lower your shutter speed a ton (with kids you know that you need a quick shutter speed!). Shoot when the light is even - if you can see harsh shadows, it's not the best time of day. When the light is even, face your subject towards the light. This is very awkward with a child which is why I don't shoot quite as much anymore but I still try to follow that as much as I can. I already mentioned the lens I use. And while I try not to use editing to "make" a picture, it does help it pop. Also, I use a web sharpening action for the photos I put on the blog - I'm not sure how it does what it does but it does help. And I also think that the bigger the photos on a blog, the better - photos always look better bigger. If you have a great 4x6, it'll look even better as an 8x10 or 11x14! #3 - I am very interested in checking out some of your recipes ... when I'm not being lazy - I love to cook! #4 - We used to be big Blue's Clues fans until we recently watched again and I thought - agh, this is awful!