Sunday, April 5, 2009

Big Boy

Look at my "little" Colin sitting at the table like a big boy!  He got tired of being ostracize away from the table.  The signs were oh so subtle - throwing the fork after each bite, pulling daddy's arm, trying to grab his plate off the table, and constantly trying to climb up in the other chairs.  I woke up night before last thinking that we could just pull his chair with the seat up to the table and he'd still feel like a big boy (I have my best thoughts in the middle of the night).  It worked!  Now if we can just get those teeth to hurry up and finish coming in so his appetite will return.  Poor guy, first a fever, then a runny nose, and now stomach issues, all because of some silly teeth!  Does anyone have any suggestions - remedies or even just how to deal?


  1. Try the homeopathic teething pills. You can find them at Kroger and I forget the name but they come in a tiny pink and blue bottle! They work like a charm! seriously! Been there... done that.. three times!

  2. it has been a while for me, but here's a few ideas: Hylands teething tablets, pedialyte popsicles, full-size refridgerated carrots or celery (supervised if he can bite off pieces). good luck!