Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Monday!

Since there aren't too many things actually happy about a Monday morning, I thought I'd share a couple Colin-isms to hopefully make you smile. While Colin's vocabulary is slowing expanding, his ability to imitate noises and sounds has sky-rocketed! He may not be able to speak a full sentence, or even 2 words together, but he can bark like a dog, cluck like a chicken, and mock just about any other animal. As parents, Wes and I couldn't be more proud! Some children advance in different ways. Perhaps this means Colin will be a farmer or a veterinarian some day!

We enjoy treating him like a dog and make him repeat his tricks on command. Even without our instruction, when he sees an animal he recognizes, he responds without even thinking. So last night when Wes took him out of the bathtub and wrapped him in his towel, he told him he looked like a sheik. Colin immediately responded by "baaing" like a sheep! Sheep - sheik - get it? Wes and I just laughed and Wes told him that was a pretty good joke.

Another of our favorites is when you ask Colin, "How does Daddy go?" or "What sound does Daddy make?" To which Colin responds, "Grrr" in his deepest voice. Yes, apparently Daddy is a bear. When you ask him the same question about Mommy, he gets a high-pitched "Heee". I'm not sure what the association is there, I'm just glad I'm not a bear!

It's the simple things that make us smile! So don't let your Monday be a bad one, smile at a total stranger and brighten his/her day, practice some random act of kindness, or just tell someone how special they are to you. Happy Monday!


  1. Cute! I love the part about he sounds he makes for you & Wes.

    I didn't know you were going to be an aunt again!! Saw Megan at Dr. S's the other day.

  2. Thanks, we love to be known as Momma and Daddy bear too!

    Yep, she's due in March and this one's a boy. She's getting married too. Lots of things all at once!