Monday, December 8, 2008

The Baby-sitter's Club

Do you remember that series of books? Even me, who hates to read, has read a few of those in my time. In an attempt to not be prisoners of our own home, Wes and I decided to hire a babysitter for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon. She was referred to me by a friend who highly recommended her and said she'd be good with babies. Through email conversations, I warned her that Colin had never been with a sitter and perhaps we should ease into this. We agreed to give it a trial run for 2 hours on Sunday. She arrived at 3pm and wouldn't you know it, Colin was still asleep. We purposefully picked that time so that he would have had his nap and be ready to play. As Wes and I have learned, Colin has his own agenda and our best laid plans...well you know the rest of that story.

After giving the sitter a quick run down of do's and don'ts, I went ahead and left to take full advantage of my 2 hours. Wes stayed behind so that Colin would have a familiar face when he woke up. Colin ended up waking up soon after I left. Wes brought him downstairs and the 2 of them sat on the couch across from Mandy, the sitter. Colin turned to look at her a couple times, each time staring a little harder and a little longer. Finally, he just flat out turned and looked at her. I had prepared a snack for him and she began to feed him. Well food is the key to his heart because he quickly told Daddy bye and went right back to Mandy and eating!

Wes went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping - you know, his list that includes a whopping ONE person?! He was probably able to get all his shopping done at one location in less than 2 hours. Meanwhile, I wasted part of my time because I forgot Hobby Lobby was closed on Sundays. The aggravating part is that I didn't really even need anything there. I was just going to look around because it's one of those places I never get to go. I did get some errands run, so all was not lost.

Wes got home before me and was chatting with Mandy. She said he had been the perfect angel and didn't cry or whine one time. They just played and of course, ate. It was such a relief to come home to dry eyes and happy faces! I told her she was hired and I'd be calling her again. Of course part of the success of this story is due in large parts to her looks. As I've posted before, Colin loves the ladies. He loves cute girls and can pick them out quicker than a 16-year old boy going through puberty. Ahhh, what lies ahead for me?!

It's just nice to know that we have another option now. I feel like I ask way too much of my mother. While she says she doesn't mind, I just can't abuse her. I appreciate every moment she spends with him but she needs time to herself as well!


  1. I'm glad you found a new sitter! That will be nice for you and Wes. Take advantage of her!

  2. I have used to find my sitters. I have found the sitters to be very timely and professional. Check them out for your babysitter needs. I am sure you will be very happy.

  3. oh i so remember reading that series! congrats on finding a sitter and taking advantage of the 2 free hours!