Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quiet Observer

Colin, ok really it was me, had some friends over to play on Saturday. His long distance girlfriend, Sidney, and her mom and dad came into town for the UK game. We took advantage of the chance to get the kids together, while sharing some quality time with each other too! We also invited another friend, Cara, and her crew of Madelyn, Caroline, and Silas. Her kids are a little older than Colin and Sidney, so they really know how to play. Colin and Sidney just sort of took a backseat to the action and cautiously observed before joining in. Colin took great pleasure in going back and forth between Mommy and Daddy's laps. Cara was afraid that her children scared the little ones but I think it was quite the opposite. I think the little ones watched eagerly in hopes that one day they'll be able to run and play with as much enthusiasm. Wes thinks Colin will be like him, someone who likes to have lots of people around but is generally quiet and just takes it all in. That has always perplexed me, what's the point of having people around if you're not going to interact with them? I guess that's just one of life's little mysteries.

Here are a few pictures of the kiddos doing their thing.

Cara's little Caroline in the beloved tunnel!

Cara's newest addition, Silas, hiding in the bottom of the Exersaucer.

Madelyn, Cara's oldest, climbing the stool.

Despite my best attempt to get the 2 little ones to pose for a picture, this is the best I could do!

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