Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Picture Game

I guess normally you're tagged to play this game but I saw Always Organizing's post on it and decided to tag myself! Really I was just dying to see what picture was 6th in my 6th folder. Now as I go in search, I pray that it's something I actually want to post and not something I already have!

Is the suspense killing you?

Ok, so it wasn't my 6th folder, but in my defense my 6th folder only had 1 picture in it. So I went to the first one after it that had 6 pictures. And voila, my precious baby boy! What a shocker, considering 99% of my photos are Colin related!

A little more on this photo. Colin was probably 2-4 months old and was totally being posed for this picture. Poor kid, he's had that his whole life! This is a fine example of cute outfits not being practical. I strongly encourage any soon-to-be mothers to wait to purchase at least some of your clothes until after your child is born. Colin didn't wear half of the "cute" outfits I bought him, particularly those with hats (the ones that get everyone to ooh and aah in the store). Refrain!

My baby has grown so much, so fast! It's hard for me to even remember him looking like this. Thank goodness for photos to preserve our past and to help our feeble minds!

So now it's your turn. Here are the rules:

Go to your 6th picture folder
Choose the 6th photo
Pray you remember the details
And then tag 5 others!

In keeping with the game, I tag le petite blog, Southern Comfort, Seeking Our Silas, The Review Lady, and Hyper Homemaker.

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  1. What a great game! That is so much fun! I LOVE it! :)