Monday, November 10, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

Although Miami Sound Machine would say the next verse is Bad Boy, Bad Boy, in our case it's Clumsy Boy, Clumsy Boy! Why is it that our offspring inherit our worst traits, the ones we hoped would die off? Don't 2 negatives equal a positive? Not is this case. Wes and I are both quite clumsy. There could be a one-inch hole and we'd fall in it, crying Timmy down in the well! You guessed it, Colin is just as bad. At the ripe age of 16 months, the child has knocked his head on more pieces of furniture, fallen on his bum countless times, and already received 2 battle wounds - all due to his clumsiness. After his recent belly issues, I've noticed that his equilibrium seems off. He was walking around pretty well but since the illness, it's like he has 2 left feet. He has gotten faster though so maybe his new warp speed has something to do with it. A friend asked if I had had his ears checked. Duh, I didn't even think of that. He is showing no signs of an earache, so am I wrong for not having them checked? Some experienced parents, feel free to weigh in.

Back to the 2 battle scars. For the first one, he had an audience of Mommy, Daddy, Papaw, and Shaina. This is not the kind of thing you want others to witness. As if you don't feel bad enough, now you have others who could potentially judge you for your parental faults. Great! For whatever reason, Colin practically leaped out of Wes' arms and fell face first into the edge of the table. Sounds painful, I know, but he just barely scraped the edge. His tears were dried up within 30 seconds. He did get a nice scrape right next to his left eye - see below.

Now for round 2, the most recent ouchie. Colin loves to welcome anyone into our home by opening the garage door and waving. I couldn't ask for a better greeting. That is until Friday. I was talking on my cellphone as I pulled in the garage. As usual, I see the door opening from the house. It was Colin, with Daddy right behind him. I waved and said hello as I was gathering my things from the car. Wes turned to go back in the kitchen, something that was not uncommon for either of us to do, leaving Colin at the door. I looked down to get my bag and the next thing I know, Colin has fallen down the 4 stairs that go from the garage to the house! Wes picks him up and asks him what he did, as if Colin could or would respond! I was talking to my mom and frantically told her I had to go, that Colin had just fallen down the stairs. In retrospect, I realize that's not the best way to get off the phone with someone, leaving them wondering, but I wasn't thinking about that at the time. I run to him and take him from Wes. He was crying so hysterically, he couldn't catch his breath. Of course he had fallen head first, so that didn't make things any better. I couldn't check him for broken bones because I was too busy squeezing and consoling him. I think I was more uptight than he was. He had a scrape and a knot forming on his head but that's all I could see. His clothes and hands were covered in grass and whatever other dirt particles I have in my garage. I immediately called Grams back to let her know he was ok. She was crying and I'm sure had been sitting on the edge of her seat. He was fine within a minute or so. I was afraid the pump knot would remain the next day, but all he had was a little scrape on his forehead. The good news is, he seems to have learned from his mistake. He still opens the door but he stands about a foot back from the doorway. I think he just got too close to the edge, lost his balance, and away he went. Like I said, he's gets it honestly!

Perhaps we bring some of this on ourselves. Colin found this pair of lovely red socks in my sock drawer this morning. Jokingly, I put them on him and they fit like leg warmers. Wes took them off to put his pants on. Well when Grams got there, he wanted to show her his new find. So she put them on him. Well they are fuzzy and therefore slick as glass! Slick socks + hardwood floors = wipe out! He did slide once but he's used to that and bounced right back. I had to get a picture of the socks because they're so darn funny. They look sort of like Santa's boots. And no, to ease your fears, I do not wear these socks!

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