Friday, October 3, 2008

Sucker for punishment

Here I am yet again picking winners of whom I know nothing about! My past logic has served me well so I will continue along this path to nowhere. One of these weeks I will win and boy howdy, you all will feel so silly getting beat by a girl. Oh wait, we're all girls here. Anywho, could you just humor me and let me at least have the badge for a day, maybe even just an hour? I do need to find out more about the scoring because I thought I had just as many as the winner last week but maybe you can't go over the number on the tiebreaker? Who knows, I'll just fight to win this week! The only one Wes gave me a tip on last week was the Kansas City game, to which he told me they were terrible! I learned my lesson there, they won! So without help, here are my BFL picks:

TENNESSEE over BALTIMORE - TN hasn't let me down yet and my good friend from TN is coming to visit this weekend, so this one's for her!

CAROLINA over KANSAS CITY - I love Carolina blue and since I'm not allowed to utter those words during basketball season, I'm admitting it now when it's safe.

CHICAGO over DETROIT - I love Chicago and miss visiting there. They have such good food. I mean who wouldn't love to clog your arteries with an Italian beef sandwich for lunch and then follow up with a big ol' Chicago-style deep-dish pizza? My belly is jutting out just thinking about it!

ATLANTA over GREEN BAY - I'm protesting anyone who has an accent that even comes close to resembling that of Sarah Palin! NAILS DOWN A CHALKBOARD!

INDIANAPOLIS over HOUSTON - I've got nothin' here. Indy is a wasteland but they have one of those Manning brothers, I think. I hear their names a lot, so I'm assuming that means they're pretty good.

SAN DIEGO over MIAMI - I hate orange, so Miami you're out and San Diego, you're in (to quote Heidi Klum).

NY GIANTS over SEATTLE - Seattle is used to playing in the rain so a dry day might throw 'em off. It's as good a reason as any, right?

PHILADELPHIA over WASHINGTON - I have to give it to Philly since I totally got their mascot wrong last week and erroneously referred to them as the 76'ers. My mind is programmed to basketball and I clearly forgot to change the channel back to football. So, EAGLES, I'll give you this one.

DENVER over TAMPA BAY - Altitude!

BUFFALO over ARIZONA - Hmm, I'll have to stick to my "I hate Cardinals of any kind" here.

DALLAS over CINCINNATI - The real question, will Cincinnati win any games this year?

NEW ENGLAND over SAN FRANCISCO - San Fran, you're still my fave but I have to go with New England here because I've heard them mentioned more as of late. Feel free to prove me wrong.

PITTSBURGH over JACKSONVILLE - My friend just might have something here with these Steelers. I've supported her and thus far it has paid off. I'm not one to go against that.

NEW ORLEANS over MINNESOTA - See above for Green Bay - NO ACCENTS!

Points: 53

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  1. You can never go wrong with the Black and Gold! Go Steelers!