Thursday, September 18, 2008

You're All Going Down!

Thankfully this is just a blog and no one can hold me to those words. It's fun to be able to trash talk for once in my life and not have to worry about someone bigger or stronger than me (most people) making me eat my words. With that, I present to you my first round of picks for the BFL (Blogger Football League). With my logic, you can take these picks straight to Vegas baby! If you'd like to show your mad guessing skills, feel free to sign up and join us at InstaMom's site.

Week Three Games

WASHINGTON over ARIZONA - I think Arizona is where Matt Leinert is and I remember my husband telling me that he hasn't done jack, so I'm going with WA. Plus, the game is in WA and AZ is used to playing in hot climates, so the cooler weather might throw 'em off.

CAROLINA over MINNESOTA - This is an easy one, who doesn't love the Carolina's? And blue jersey's - no brainer!

TENNESSEE over HOUSTON - Again, baby blue on the jersey but also my good friend, Heather, lives in TN. It does sort of go against everything I believe in to cheer for any team located in the state of TN, but since their colors aren't horrendous orange, I'll make the exception.

NEW ENGLAND over MIAMI - Despite Tom Brady being hurt, I heard someone say that his backup did well. I figure he has something to prove, so he's giving it his all. Plus, Miami has been in the middle of hurricane season so their practice has surely been affected.

BUFFALO over OAKLAND - Have you ever been to Oakland? No? Then don't! Don't get me wrong, San Fran is one of the best cities ever but it has this wart of a city, Oakland, attached to it. That is where I saw my first IKEA though, so there's something to be said for that.

GIANTS over CINCINNATI - Although I like to go to Cincinnati to shop and eat, everyone knows their football team, well, has seen better days. Plus, any team that wears Halloween colors during months other than October, are clearly impaired.

KANSAS CITY over ATLANTA - I remember Wes saying that Atlanta had the worst fans in the world. Peer pressure won't let me root for a team that no one else is rooting for.

CHICAGO over TAMPA BAY - Da Bears! I love the Windy City. I think they have a coach that used to be at UK, so I'm really cheering for my alma mater.

ST LOUIS over SEATTLE - St. Louis is closer and my friend, Jamie, lives there.

SAN FRANSISCO over DETROIT - This is a no brainer! Who would want to live in Detroit, especially if your choice was San Fran, one of the greatest cities in the US! Plus, I've heard 49'ers a lot more than Lions (those are the corresponding names, right?)

DENVER over NEW ORLEANS - Is New Orleans even a city anymore? Denver is at a higher altitude, so I think that will play into it somehow.

PITTSBURGH over PHILADELPHIA - I have a friend who is a big Steelers fan, so I'll help her root on her team.

BALTIMORE over CLEVELAND - Any team that was dumb enough to think Tim Couch would amount to a hill of beans is not very smart. Sorry Cleveland, you're brown and ugly, my pick is Baltimore.

INDIANAPOLIS over JACKSONVILLE - Jacob, tight end, Tamme - enough said.

DALLAS over GREEN BAY - Tony Romo has to be hot since he's dated both Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson. Who cares if he can play football (which I think he can), he'll be good to look at.

Monday Night Game

NY JETS over SAN DIEGO - As much as I'd love to visit San Diego, I think the Jets have been around longer and that should mean something??


Don't you feel more knowledgeable just reading my selections? This week's logic was based primarily on geography. Stay tuned next week to see what my motivation will be!


  1. you crack me up....


  2. Your link worked! And I love the thinking behind some of your picks.

  3. I love the Halloween reasoning for the Bengals - you just gave them something else to blame their SUCKINESS on!

  4. That was hilarious! Good job on your pick method. You had me ROLLING!

  5. Wow. I have never read any game analysis *quite* like that before. Glad you're aboard, come by my place and visit the MVP badge next week! ;-)