Friday, September 26, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

I have little to no knowledge of football but I do live with a football-obsessed man, so I feel like I do have some insight (kind of like insider trading - something I do know a thing or two about). Last week I joined the BFL and made my own picks using my own feminine rationale. I didn't fall too far behind so I'm back for more. Last week my picks were based on geography and since I didn't win, I'm going with mascots this time.

By the way, a word on the winner (cheater). Enjoy it while you can. Surely you know the power of female logic, it will prevail! You'll see soon enough.

CAROLINA over ATLANTA - A panther would eat a falcon as a snack!

CINCINNATI over CLEVELAND - As Colin says, "pee you stinky"! What kind of mascot is a "Brown" anyways? Dumb = lose.

JACKSONVILLE over HOUSTON - Jaq-a-wars (you have to say it like Cartmen to get the full effect)

DENVER over KANSAS CITY - I know Indians (chiefs) are tough but I don't think even they could stand up to a bronco.

SAN FRANCISCO over NEW ORLEANS - The battle of the unidentifiable mascots. Who could logically choose between a 49'er or a Saint? A saint doesn't strike me as very tough and isn't toughness necessary for football? Who chose that?

NY JETS over ARIZONA - I can't cheer a Cardinal! 'Nuf said.

TAMPA BAY over GREEN BAY - No fudgepackers for me! I think I've been around Wes too long. I don't think I even knew what that was before I met him. Ah, I've been corrupted with 15-year old immature boy language!

TENNESSEE over MINNESOTA - This should be a good one - Titans and Vikings. The battle of the armor. I can't believe I've picked TN two weeks in a row.

SAN DIEGO over OAKLAND - San Diego will charge right over those Raiders. Get it? I'm so clever!

BUFFALO over ST LOUIS - Buffalo Bill, a Wild West character. Hm, makes perfect sense to place that team in NY - definitely west. Despite being geography challenged, I'm going with Buffalo because they're bigger.

DALLAS over WASHINGTON - I can't cheer for such a racist team. I'll stick with the cowboys.

CHICAGO over PHILADELPHIA - I have no idea who/what a 76'er is but I'm pretty sure a bear would crush them. Bears have no mercy.

Monday Night Football
PITTSBURGH over BALTIMORE - Deviating from the mascots for a moment, I believe the Steelers have some of the craziest fans in the world, so since this is a home game I'll take them over the birds.

I'm not sure I'll be able to use this logic again. The mascots just don't merit much attention or make much sense. Shouldn't the be ferocious animals like lions, tigers, and bears, oh my?

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  1. LOL! Love your logic, but just thought I would inform you that it's the Philadelphia Eagles, the 76ers are the Basketball team! LOL Just so you know....Good luck!