Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Hallmark Holiday

Ah yes, Hallmark has done it again. For all of those unsuspecting mother's and grandchildren, Grandparent's Day is this Sunday! A lady I work with, Card Lady as I like to refer to her as, gently reminded me that I only had a few days to get my cards in the mail to ensure delivery by Sunday. Yes "Mom", I'm on it. I promptly walked my lazy butt over to Hallmark to buy some cards (thank goodness there's one close to where I work or Grams and Granny would not be celebrating this holiday). Although I'm sure Hallmark coined this holiday, their selection was sub par at best. The selection was a menial 10 cards, 1 for Great-Grandparents, 3 for Grandmother only, 2 for Grandpa only, leaving a whopping 5 for an actual "set" of Grandparents. Am I the only cheapskate in the world that refuses to buy each grandparent a separate card? Come on Hallmark, help me out here. I already have to remember to buy the card, make myself go buy it, feel guilty that all I'm doing to celebrate the holiday is send this silly piece of paper, put a stamp on it, and mail it - isn't that enough? Oh and then I have to remember to cover all my bases and not leave anyone out. I suppose in the future I'll be able to pull my ear 3 times to the left and my mouth will shoot out a card. Or better yet, it will just spontaneously transmit the card from my brain to the recipients brain and cut out the paper and mailman completely. Until then, Hallmark have mercy.

Despite all my cynicism, I really am quite grateful for all the grandparents and great grandparents in my life. Colin is so lucky to have 2 full sets of grandparents and even 2 great grandmothers to enrich his life. I know they love him all dearly and he feels the same towards them. I guess it's not so bad that Hallmark makes us take a day out of busy schedules to tell the ones we love that we appreciate them and are blessed to have them in our lives. With that, I love you Mom, Dad, Granny, Papaw, VerVer, and Mamaw! You are all terrific and we couldn't have made it without you!

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  1. Okay, girlfriend, I'm feeling ya'. Yes, I believe the "holiday" was a Hallmark marketing idea. But, you're right to tell those so close to us in raising our children how much they mean to us. So, maybe next time just cook them something (you do know how to do that) and forego the cards.