Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Post Pickup

I should have waited and posted both of these as 1 post but I'm impatient and couldn't wait. I'm happy to report that both Colin and Daddy made it through the day! Yippee! When Wes went to pick him up, he was playing with a toy. Wes called his name and he just looked at him and held up his arm for Wes to pick him up. It wasn't a look of desperation or a thank-goodness-it's-you look, it was just like, "Oh hi Daddy." The school sends home a daily report that lets us know how he fared in the different categories. For the overall day, he got a "great". He didn't take a nap (big surprise!) but was quiet while others rested. The note said he ate "some" of his lunch, but when Wes went to clean out his lunchbox, it was almost all gone. Hopefully he doesn't hate us for sending him today. As someone pointed out to me, next week will be the true test. Will he remember this experience as a bad one and not want to stay, or will he remember how much fun he had and want to stay and play? Only time will tell.

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