Monday, August 25, 2008

And he's off!

"He" being Colin and "off" being walking! As Wes and I sat in sheer amazement, I realized that I have very mixed feelings on this milestone. While it is very exciting and important, it also forces me to realize that Colin isn't a baby anymore. In fact, he's growing quicker than I could have ever imagined. Seriously, tomorrow marks his 14-month birthday and Wes and I were just wondering where those 2 months have gone since his 1st birthday? I guess we just have to realize that despite our best efforts, time is going to keep on moving. We just have to make sure to enjoy each moment and try to capture as many as we can on film. Wouldn't you know, when Colin took off yesterday there was no filming device anywhere close by that was charged! They're both being charged now so we don't miss the next steps.

Here's the lowdown. Colin was standing up, holding on to the couch, when the Geico gecko commercial came on the television. Yes, my child watches tv and if that makes me a bad parent, so be it! He was apparently so enamored with the gecko that he wanted to go to the tv to get it. He just took off from the couch and walked at least 10 steps towards the tv. Granny will be so pleased because she loves that stupid creature! Wes and I just sat there staring speechlessly at both him and each other. Wes has since told me at least 10 times that this is just how it happens, they don't think about it and just do it. Nonetheless, we were proud and praised him for his feat. By the way, one thing he does know is praise and recognition and he LOVES it. Another trick he has is shaking his head and he'll just randomly do it just to make us laugh. Ah yes, he is our offspring!

I realize he's not going to take off walking permanently but I don't think it will be much longer. Now I can finally appease all those nosey people, many of whom I don't even know, who incessantly ask, "Is he walking yet?" No people and does make him slow or bad because he isn't? Although I smile and say no, it's quite tempting to lay into them. Colin must know the limits of my patience though and is going to start walking before I lose it on some unsuspecting person.

Colin has also picked up a few other new tricks that clearly his Daddy has taught him. When he burps or toots, he laughs! What? I'm not raising Al Bundy here, it's not funny to do those things. You're supposed to say excuse me! When I told Wes he shouldn't encourage him by laughing with him, Wes replied that he thought it was funny and thought it was ok for Colin to think the same. As if that wasn't bad enough, Wes asked him where his "wee-wee" was. Colin proceeded to grab his crotch! Now keep in mind, he only knows where his ears, hair, and nose are, but now he also knows his pee-pee. Great! And here I was just bragging on the special bond that he and Colin had forged on their days together. Hmm, is this the kind of bond I want?! The crudeness ends here, right? There's nothing else Wes can teach him, right? This is where you say a resounding YES!

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