Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Reality TV Redeems Itself

I know, the very thought of reality actually being realistic is a foreign concept to most of us these days, but this season of The Bachelorette was actually believable. This wasn't your your typical "The Hills" style show where you're supposed to believe it's real but you know good and well these are actors. No, DeAnna was actually there to find true love. What, she wasn't there to pick the hottest guy, only to end up dumping him in a month and making the cover of US Weekly, where we learn they just had nothing in common? What a concept to actually let your heart decide and not your eyes. From the get go DeAnna was intrigued with Jesse. If you didn't watch the show you're probably thinking this guy is a total dweeb based on my prior comments, but I assure you he's not. I realize I don't know the guy personally but after watching him on tv for 3 months I feel like I do. When he got out of the limo the first night he was wearing tennis shoes, a blazer that looked like it was either inside out or had paint splattered on it, and had shoulder length curly hair. DeAnna was taken aback by his attire and said, "Thanks for getting so dressed up." She would later learn that this was just a reflection of his personality and he didn't want to hide behind someone he was not. Clearly this worked because he got one of the first impression roses. From then on she kept saying there was just something about Jesse. He was exciting and different from any guy she had ever dated. You could tell that he thought the world of her and treated her like a princess. About 2/3 of the way through the show she sent home the one guy she said she was falling in love with. That did it for me, I knew she was in it for the right reasons. This guy was too much like all the other guys she had dated and although she was so attracted to him, she realized that she needed something different since none of those past relationships had worked. In the end it was down to 2, Jason, the divorced dad of a 3-year old, and of course Jesse. I was pulling for Jesse but I just knew she'd chose Jason because he was more handsome. Alas, she went with her heart and chose Jesse! He was elated and you could see the true joy in both of their eyes. I just have a feeling this one will work - what and be the 3rd of 12Bachelor/Bachelorettes that has actually lasted past 1 month?! This season has given me hope again that it is possible to find love on tv. Don't worry Wes, you're still safe. I don't plan to sign up anytime soon. Thanks, DeAnna for keeping it real!


  1. I swore off the Bachelor series when Andrew Firestone and whats-her-name didn't make it. I can't take the let down.

  2. I just got caught up on the show! Loved it too!