Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baby Boy turns ONE!

Time flies when you're having fun (as you can tell by my tardy post)! My precious baby is no longer a tiny 8 lb 15oz baby. No, he's up to a whopping 21.5 lbs of pure energy! This time last year I was learning to deal with colic, constant eating/feeding, and lack of sleep. While Colin still LOVES to eat, he has outgrown the colic and sleeps relatively well (last night being an exception). We've gotten to experience so many milestones along the way - the first non-gas related smile, rolling over, sitting up, first solid food, cooing and gooing, crawling, and now pulling up and beginning to toddle around. He will walk holding other people's hands but not mine. He prefers to be held when Mommy is around - who could blame him?! I'm actually in no hurry because to me, walking is the first step into toddlerhood, and I want to preserve the baby stage as long as I can. One thing that has remained constant even while in utero is his high energy level. The child never stops! Sleep is a burden for him because he has to actually be still for longer than 2 minutes. Wes and I think soccer would be a good sport for him so that he can burn off some of his energy.

We decided to keep his 1st birthday party low key. It was mainly a family event but we also wanted to include his girlfriend, Sidney, and her family. Brooke and I have been on this journey together and I wanted her to celebrate with us. We celebrated Sunday so that Wes' family could come. It was also his sister, Anna's birthday so I made both she and Colin personal mini cakes. Anna thought she was hot stuff with her own little cake. At first he stared at the cake and slowly put his fingers in the icing. He looked up at me with his devilish expression, as if to say, "Is it ok for me to do this?" I moved the cake from the paper plate directly onto his tray and he still was frozen in shock.

I proceeded to cut a few bites and let him eat those, which he loved.

From that point on, he decided playing with it was more fun than eating it. We had put a sheet under his chair to catch the debris but as if he knew what he was doing, he purposely threw cake on the non-covered part of the floor. He did manage to keep most of it off of his clothes, which pleased Mom. He got some cute clothes, a toy, and lots of books. Thank you to all of you that were there and also thanks to those of you who have had a hand in the first year of his life. Whether it be giving me advice, keeping me sane, playing with Colin, or just listening to me, thank you!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I can't believe his is already 1. We'll have to get the boys together when we get home. I will warn you that Silas plays rough! We are working on this!