Thursday, June 26, 2008

Has is really been a year?!

It's hard to believe that this time last year I was laying up in the hospital bed, hooked up to Pitocin, attempting to distract myself by reading a magazine, and waiting for the contractions to get more intense (yes, isn't it funny that you WANT the contractions to get stronger?!). Little did I know that in about 7 hours my life would change more than I ever dreamed. Yes there have been some trials and tribulations but I've only grown from those and learned so much. It's hard to even remember my life without him, but then again it's also hard for me to remember what I did yesterday! He is truly a blessing and he has brought such joy to our lives.

Wes and I sang Happy Birthday to him this morning and I swear it was like he knew what we were saying, as he grined through his thumb sucking. I'm really not that niave to think that he really knew but my 1-year old is smarter than your 1-year old and if I want to pretend he's super smart, that's my perogotive! Against my Granny's wishes, we won't be celebrating his birthday until Sunday. Granny thinks in addition to that, we should give him some form of cake today since it is his actual birthday. Um yeah, pretty sure he doesn't know the difference. Oh wait, yes he does because he's SO smart! Anywho, Wes' family, his brother's family, my Mom, my sister and girls, and his girlfriend Sidney and her parents will all be celebrating the big event with him. I'm making him his own little cake for him to plow into. Pictures to come!

We also had pictures taken yesterday so hopefully I'll have some of those to post relatively soon too. He was such a ham and ate up the attention. He is such a flirt and never meets a female that he doesn't love! Good lord, I'm in for it!

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