Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It rolled off the table and onto the floor...

...and then my poor Colin he cried some more! One sentence should sum this up - yesterday was Wes' day to stay home with Colin! Really, need I say more? Isn't there some chromosome missing from the male species? I think I found it, it's called common sense. As I have known for months now, and even you all know since I've posted about it several times, Colin is mobile - not surprising, the child is almost 9 months old. Because of this minor detail, I have not left him alone on his changing pad for several months now. I have told Wes to adhere to the same policy but apparently he didn't chose to absorb that piece of information - probably because it didn't involve any sports trivia. Note to self: when wanting Wes to pay attention, come up with some sports-related approach so that it will sink in! Back to the story. Yesterday Wes had just changed Colin's diaper on the changing pad, which sits on top of a dresser that is about 4 feet off the ground, when he decided to go into the bathroom to get his bottle. Yes, he left him unattended on top of the dresser, and yes, horror of horrors, Colin rolled off and fell to the floor!! My poor child! It's a good thing I wasn't home because I would have probably had a coronary. I would have had to make a quick decision whether or not to beat Wes over the head with the closet object I could find, or run to Colin's rescue, swoop him up, and take him to the ER. Thankfully, Wes called me after the episode so that he could reassure me that Colin was fine and was asleep. Of course my over reactive, female brain goes straight to thinking that yes he has his eyes closed, but not because he's asleep, but because he's in a coma! So Wes tells me no more leaving him on the table to run in the other room. To which I quickly reply, yes Wes, that's why I haven't done that in 3 months! You know it was fine when he was a baby and couldn't even roll over, but now that he rolls over faster than you can bend down to get a diaper, it's probably not the best idea to assume he's going to lay there perfectly still while you run to the other room. I was telling this tale to some coworkers and I said I hoped Colin learned his lesson. I stopped myself and revised my thought to, I hope Wes learned his lesson! I'm happy to report that Colin does appear to be bruise and knot-free. Wes said he let out an "uh" when he first fell and then when Wes came into the room, the startle factor set in and he began to wail. I know that boys will be boys and this won't be the first of these incidents, but I really thought they would be Colin's doings and not Daddy's!


  1. Oh no!!! I would have had a complete go to pieces!!! I'm SOOOO glad he's ok!! -Brooke

  2. Poor Colin! Poor Wes! I know he feels terrible and I am happy Colin is okay! By the way - love all the recipes you've been including!

  3. Glad we're not the only ones whose child has falled from great heights! After Valentine's Day 2007Carter started sitting up from the laying down position really well on his own. I found him sitting in his crib after a nap one Saturday. I told Brandon we needed to lower his crib, but unfortunately before we could get to it (and by the way it took all day to do that- could just be my handyman though :) ) Carter somehow flipped over the side of his crib and landed on his back on the floor- the hardwood floor. I was terrified and called 911! Now, mind you, this was in the middle of the night! Brandon went in and scooped him up, while I'm screaming "You're not suppossed to move someone with a head injury." Brandon says, "He doesn't have a head injury!" And he didn't- not even a bruise! By the time the Paramedics arrived, I was having visions of Brittney Spears and was more concerned that Child Protective Services would show up at my door the next day. The Paramedics assured me I wasn't the first mom to have their child fall and no, I wouldn't lose custody of my son. So now, over a year later, Carter is fine and I haven't seen any lasting effects. Not on him anyway!- Courtney