Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Playdates are for Mommies

As much as I'd love to say Colin thoroughly enjoys playdates, he could care less. Of course since he does have one of his mother's traits, his nosiness, he does at least stare at the other child and insists on staying awake the entire time the other child is present. But does he have fun? I mean what is fun to him besides filling up a diaper or taking a good, long nap? Whether he has fun or not, I do! I thoroughly enjoy watching him interact with the other child and of course I enjoy the time I get to spend with my friend, the mother. I must admit that I do look forward to the day when playdates are a little more than watching the kids roll around on the floor. Ah, the days when they can actually entertain themselves and I might actually get to leave the room to do something else. What? There are other things to do other than chase after babies?! Yes, there will be a day when I get some part of my life least there better be. Below are some pictures of Colin and John (Mary Farris Browning's little boy who is about 3 months older, and by the way I'm holding John and Mary is holding Colin) and Colin and Sidney (Brooke Johnson Hiltz's little girl who is 6 days younger than Colin). At least Colin does seem to be more interested in the ladies. First he's trying to hold her hand and by the end he's hugging her?! Oh this is moving too quick for me.

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  1. I'm glad Colin is getting "socialized" :). It was great to see you this weekend! Colin is too cute!